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Byron Lars Dress - 5 Tips for Shopping on Anthropologie

Byron Lars Dress - 5 Tips for Shopping on Anthropologie

Dress (Sold out. Similar options here & here) | Boots (Similar) | Tights

After years of only window shopping on Anthropologie, this last year I finally took the plunge and did some real shopping on their site…and I haven’t looked back since! The reason I would only window shop on Anthropologie and never buy, was because the prices would give me major sticker shock. However, there are some ways around those big price tags, and I learned a few other tricks to make the most of my shopping experience with them!

This dress I’m wearing in the photos is what originally set off my new found addiction to Anthropologie. It’s by the designer Byron Lars, and he’ll make designs exclusively for their website. I’ve been coveting a dress like this ever since I had been invited to pop up shop of his 4 years ago. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go, but that didn’t stop me from lusting after his designs.

However, before the holidays, Anthropologie had one amazing sale after the next. So, I was finally able to justify purchasing this here dress. (40% off!!) This ended up being my NYE dress, the dress I wore to see the Nutcracker ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre and I wore it for an early Valentine’s Day celebration with my husband this last weekend…we went to the restaurant Nobu here in Moscow. Ooh, and I just scored tickets to see Swan Lake at the Bolshoi this spring – so, I’ll likely break it out again for that as well! Needless to say, I’m really happy with this purchase – I feel so fancy when I wear this dress!

5 Tips for Shopping on Anthropologie

I thought putting together a little list of some tips & tricks I picked up from shopping on the Anthropologie website might be useful to other people…especially those of us who can’t pay full price for these items!

*Note, I live nowhere near one of the lovely Anthro stores, so this post will be written from the perspective of online shopping via the Anthropologie website.

5 Tips for Shopping on Anthropologie

1.) Sign up for Anthroperks

First up, sign up for their loyalty program! (Click here to do it.) This will cost you nothing and includes tons of benefits, such as:

  • Free shipping on orders over $150
  • A discount code for your birthday (be sure to sign up 1 month before your birthday, though)
  • If you live near a store, you’ll be invited to exclusive parties & events
  • You’ll be the 1st to know about new arrivals

2.) Use their Wishlist Option

If you find something you LOVE, save it to your wishlist on Anthro. This way, if it goes on sale – you’ll get an email when that happens! (And it’s a good way to not impulse buy – save it to your wishlist, and then think about it.)

3.) Monitor for Sales – They Happen Frequently!

Always monitor for sales! They almost always have one going on. Unless you need an item for a specific event on a date that’s happening really soon – don’t pay full price. You’re better off waiting for a sale!

4.) Use their FREE, Styling Service

When you’re finally ready to buy – use their free, styling service! It’s amazing. (Click here to check it out.) Not only can they help you with sizing questions and any other questions about the item you’re interested in, but they’ll also send you outfits they designed based on your taste, the item you’re wanting to purchase, etc. It’s pretty nifty! I would’ve ordered the wrong size in this dress if I hadn’t reached out to them.

5.) Take Advantage of Their 14 Day Price Adjustment

If an item you purchased goes on sale within 14 days of you buying it – Anthro will give you a price adjustment! Hang on to your receipt and send them an email at service@anthropologie.com. I love that!

Byron Lars Dress - 5 Tips for Shopping on Anthropologie

Anthropologie $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

And now, to get someone else addicted to Anthropologie (if you aren’t already), I’m giving away a $100 gift card to Anthro! Be sure to enter in the widget below for your entries to count. I’ll contact the winner by email and then display their first name and the first initial of their last name in the widget. Best of luck, everyone! (*Click here to shop on Anthropologie!)

Have Clothes, Will Travel $100 Anthropologie Gift Card Giveaway!

*If the widget is not loading – this is likely because your browser is blocking cookies. Please make sure your browser is not blocking cookies, or it’ll take forever and a day to load. You can also click here to enter.

Where to find it:
Dress: Byron Lars via Anthropologie (This is exact dress is sold out, though. Try eBay.)
Boots: Sold Out (Similar here & here)
Tights: Amazon

5 Tips for Shopping on Anthropologie

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212 thoughts on “5 Tips for Shopping on Anthropologie

  1. Courtney Byers

    Oh my goodness, these are such great tips. I am a huge Anthropologie fan, but don’t shop there that much unless it’s the sale room or a sale. I am signing up for Anthroperks right now. I didn’t know they free styling soo fun.


  2. Mireille

    Haven’t been to an anthropologie store in a while but my sis in law shops there. I would definitively look at getting and interesting top or 2!


  3. Jodie

    I hope I did that all right to enter. I am following you on LiketoKnow it but I’m on the computer and can’t take a screenshot??
    I laugh that when I was working I couldn’t find anything at Anthropologie, but now I love everything. I think it’s perfect for the creative minds because they have such interesting pieces. It goes to show how boring my clothing was when I was working!!


  4. awayfromtheblue

    That is such a pretty dress! It’s great they will do a price adjustment too, I’ve done that a couple of times with pieces I just couldn’t resist on sale, and then when they were reduced further I got some money back! it’s a great thing to do 🙂

    Hope that you are having a good week 🙂 We finally got a break in the heatwave last night and it was so welcome!


  5. Rachel McKinney

    I’ve always loved anthro, and used to always stop to look in the window on my way to work when I lived in Chicago! I would definitely buy either a dress or a couple of statement tops!


  6. Sheila Vives

    Anthropologie has some terrific clothes and sleepwear and I love many of their home items. I would buy some decor for my new apartment.


  7. Nina Rao

    Great tips! I have the same issue with Anthropologie, but they have the most unique, gorgeous stuff! I love their sweaters and dresses


  8. Anne Scott

    I love that dress you are wearing! If it is still available I’d buy that or something like it. Looks comfortable and stylish too! Perfect for around the city!


  9. Leanne Davis

    I can’t seem to find my username on the LIKEtoKNOW.it app . Hopefully my name will work . I’d love to buy myself a dress for this summer .


  10. Kelly McGrew

    I’ve never been there but there is one in a small mall close to my home. I like the Liendo by Seychelles Condensa Twist Flats!


  11. Meredith Brooks

    If I won I would purchase candles at antro. I love them but haven’t had the chance to purchase them yet. Thanks for the giveaway!


  12. Nikita Neupane

    I am truly so glad that I found your blog. Thank you for all the helpful tips. I didn’t know about so many of these things but I am so happy that I do now. I love almost all of the things that Anthropologie carries. I have been especially wanting to buy myself a jumpsuit for the longest time (probably a year now) and I hadn’t found anything that I liked and since I am a little petite, it was hard to find something that was my length as well. I recently found this super bold and beautiful quarter leg floral jumpsuit at Anthropologie which is perfect and truly so so so pretty. Spring is only a month away so if I won, I would use it to buy myself that floral jumpsuit <3


  13. Shari Alligood

    Omg!! So many cute things to choose from. I never knew until visiting the site from reading you post that I could also buy items for the home!! I’m torn between buying a pair of their shoes the ‘ Bernardo Viola Espadrilles’ or their ‘Cloth & Stone Namua Wide-Leg Pants’. But as much as I change my mind I’m sure I’d find some other wonderful piece to compliment my wardrobe!!


  14. Maureen

    I would love a pair of the work pants that are shown on the site that are like the green and white background windowpane pattern


  15. Amber Harbridge

    I looove Anthropologie! If I win I’ll take myself on a little birthday shopping spree in March! Another way to save is take advantage of their 15% off during your birthday month! ??


  16. tenntwo

    I like the Pilcro Denim Dress. With Anthropology, I absolutely love their clothing, because I don’t have to worry about someone else wearing the same thing as I am.


  17. jeanette h sheets

    been years since i could afford something nice for myself,if i won iwould love to buy a nice dress ,to go out on th etown in.ty


  18. Liz @ Yes/No Detroit

    So I haven’t actually been to Anthropologie in a while, but I mall walk next door during my lunch break at work, and they have a super nice Anthro store there. I’d probably get one of their shirts. Thanks for the chance!


  19. Deborah Smith

    I would buy something nice to wear to my son’s graduation from Amy Basic Training. It’s coming up soon


  20. Doreen

    I would either hit up a sale at a great time or get something I think like a handbag that I couldn’t spend a lot on if I didn’t have a gift card. Thanks for the chance to win! I’ve never been there.


  21. Docia Vagnerini

    Anthopologie is pretty awesome, I would probably get a new top and shorts. Thanks for this opportunity! 🙂


  22. Brittany Carter

    I love their clothes and your pictures are beautiful if I win I would get myself a new dress thank you for the opportunity ♥


  23. eileen R

    I am totally addicted to pretty much any of the dresses by Maeve, and Moulinette Soeurs. I am a petite and short waisted and they fit!


  24. Alissa Ackerman

    I’ve been coveting so many pieces from Anthropologie, for so many years…But that “sticker shock” is so real! ?
    These tips are all so useful! The majority of them, i had no clue about…so i’m excited that buying from them is definitely beginning to look more attainable! ?

    And, of course, your looking as gorgeous as ever, and that dress looks beautiful on you! ? I’d be struggling to not wear it every day! ?
    The kimono style gives me an extra does of wanderlust!

    – ? Alissa | Fashion-Philosophy Blogger


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