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High Altitude Horrors: 10 Unbelievable Stories of In-Flight Scares

Though flights can be a quick and easy way to travel between places, they can sometimes pose some stressful situations. Of course, this is the case with any type of travel. However, recently, on an online platform, travelers shared some instances of being passengers on flights when they experienced something horrific…

1. The Sudden Death

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A passenger shared their horrible experience, telling everyone they still can’t forget the screams of the little teen whose mother suddenly died during the flight. 

“On a red-eye flight, everyone was asleep but I can’t sleep on planes. A few rows behind me a girl started screaming “Mama!? MAMA!?” The flight attendants walked over and then ran back. Then ran over holding a defibrillator. Then walked the hysterical girl, who looked to be about a teenager, to the front of the plane. Then walked back with blankets.

When the plane landed no one was allowed to move. A stretcher came on board and wheeled the blanket-covered body out. The sobbing girl followed behind.

I can’t imagine losing a parent on a flight, with nowhere to go and no way to contact anyone else for help, surrounded by nosy strangers in tight quarters.”

2. Near Death Experience

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A couple leaving Mexico shared how shocked they were to see another plane rushing toward them right after taking off. Fortunately, the pilot pulled the aircraft up just a few seconds before the possible impact. Had there been a few-second delay, it would’ve been the last day for the passengers of both the planes. Everyone on board really got a second chance to live.

3. Flight PSA 182

flying aircraft with exploding aero engine just before air crash
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A man in his mid-50s shares his incident from when he was in fourth grade. He describes how he heard the PSA 182 collide and fall to the ground miles away, through his classroom window. 

“PSA 182. 45 years ago this month. I’m from San Diego and heard the collision and saw the planes on fire in the sky from my 4th-grade classroom window and heard them go down a few miles away. The teacher wheeled in the TV so we could watch all the news footage. Why Mr. Flores why??! Seeing all the victims’ names scrolling on the black screen. You could smell it for days it seemed like. It was just horrible horrible horrible. I would dream about it from all the body stories I heard from people who lived in the area. Body parts all over. In trees in cars the streets everywhere. I can not fly without quite a bit of Xanax to this day. Rip PSA 182 and Cessna 172 victims. ”

4. The Engine Failure

Turboprop abandoned after crash landing
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A 17-year-old explains how he was part of a plane crash on his way home from a baseball tournament. When the propeller stopped working at 13 thousand feet in the air, the pilot had to make an emergency landing. The rescue team was ready for them, but they landed a few miles short. To the rescue team’s surprise, they were alive and only took minor scratches.

5. Bad Turbulence

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One frequent flyer commented how bad turbulence didn’t feel like “just bad turbulence” at that time. How the people’s luggage and belongings were falling to places and some people who weren’t belted ended up hurting themselves. Everyone was either screaming or praying to god for survival. The plane landed safely, but they ended up getting flight-phobic for the next ten years. “It’s helped a bit to learn that turbulence isn’t really a thing that causes plane crashes, as far as I now understand, but it can feel very different in that moment to the illogical mind.”

6. Panic on the Runway

Passenger airplane with exploding aero engine just before air crash attrack on runway
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One passenger recalled sitting on the runway shared their point of view of a panicking situation. During pre-flight, one of the engines caught fire, and passengers started panicking. The flight attendants hit the emergency doors open almost immediately. The traveler described the scene as pure chaos; people were screaming and knocking each other down. The surprising part is that there was no real threat to the passengers or the aircraft.

7. The Broken Wing

Airplane crash
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A young lady shares her terrifying flight incident. She explains that just when they were about to land, the plane took off in the air again. The passengers started to notice that they had started going in circles instead of landing. They got suspicious that something might be wrong. The flight attendant told them that one of the wings was broken and they might experience more turbulence than usual. Luckily, the pilot managed to land safely.

8. Make Sure You Listen to the Pilot

Asian female flight attendant holds a microphone talking to passengers on board an airliner serving passengers during their journey.
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One of the passengers onboard flying to Denver shared their experience online. How when the pilot made an announcement about the extreme upcoming turbulence and advised passengers to stay seated. Everyone listened and acted accordingly, except one guy who was apparently trying to get something out of his bag. The plane dropped around 1,000 ft in turbulence, and the guy, after hitting the ceiling, fell to the ground. “It was like something out of a movie.” It was scary for everyone on the plane, but fortunately, the man survived.

9. Final Destination but in Real Life

In the airplane
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A guy shares his movie-like story online of how he had a vision of a plane crash. Apparently, a few nights before the actual flight, he dreams about the plane crash but somehow survives. Two days later, on the day of his flight, he is assigned the exact seat as in the dream. He starts panicking, but it is all just a coincidence, and the flight takes off and lands safely.

10. Through a Thunderstorm

Lightning strike on a passenger plane
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In 2008, a group of friends on their way to Argentina for their first big trip together experienced something terrifying. As they were flying above the Amazon rainforest, they experienced a massive thunderstorm and had to pass directly through it. “Flying back we were over Brazil and the flight map just said AMAZON. Like we were flying over the Amazon rainforest. There was a massive massive thunderstorm, we flew directly through it and I’m pretty sure the plane got struck by lightning at some point. It was horrifying. The plane was about 1/4 to 1/3 full (we all had our own row) and that somehow made it worse. We raided the beverage carts after that. But yeah we were both pretty sure we were about to meet our end.”

Source: Reddit

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