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The Italian Alps – The Perfect Winter Vacation Spot

Written by Mary Johnson

Italy is a vibrant and beautiful country, famous for the Colosseum, great food, and beautiful cities. One overlooked part of Italy is the Italian Alps, which just happens to be the perfect vacation spot for couples, families, adventurers and the locals themselves. The Italians love their hidden gem so much that they welcome everyone to share their enthusiasm and love for it. To make things even better there is a new tunnel in the Alps, to make travel to Switzerland from Italy the easiest it’s ever been, meaning an extra day trip is definitely in the cards.

The Italian Alps - The Perfect Winter Vacation Spot

All About The Alps
The whole range of mountains in Italy is split into two. Italian locals refer to the North West as the Valle d’Aosta, which are the Alps. In the Northeast, the Italians refer to this range as the Dolomites. Across the two of them, they offer spectacular ski resorts that cater to all abilities and types of skiing. You can snowboard, downhill ski, or do some cross country. Also, if you enjoy a spot of hiking the Valle d’Aosta offers a picturesque view that will take your breath away. The Dolomites also offer panoramic trails but the Valle d’Aosta scenery is definitely the favorite amongst the tourists and the Italians.

Places to Visit While Visiting The Alps
There are so many fabulous places surrounding the Alps which are a must-see. Starting with the magical Lake Braies, this lake goes by different names like Lago di Braies and Lake Prags but they all mean the same incredible tourist destination. The lake itself is a natural body of water, a stunning geographical marvel of mother nature.

The Italian Alps - The Perfect Winter Vacation Spot
There is also another famous lake on the border of Italy and Switzerland, Lago Blu, The Blue Lake. It is so named because the water is a magnificent blue and with Mount Cervino boasting 15,000 feet in the background, this lake is a once in a lifetime view. This is the perfect romantic spot for couples and a naturally beautiful lesson in mother natures wonders for the whole family.

Also, there is a lovely little village called Santa Maddalena, which has ski lifts directly from it to the Odle peaks of the Dolomites range. The village itself is a really interesting place to see and is famous for bacon…and who doesn’t love bacon? There are also opportunities to go horseback riding in the snow and special architecture including a charming medieval church.

If you find yourself searching for a perfect little slice of serenity then visit Piedmont. Bordering France and Switzerland this Italian region is known for its wine, especially its Barolo and food. The whole region looks like a glimpse from the past with beautiful Baroque architecture and beautiful scenery. Piedmont is a must-see.

The Best Food to Try
In the Italian Alps, the most common food to come across is polenta. Polenta is corn-based and can be served in different ways depending on the season. The one thing that will not change is how much you will love each variation. Of course, for dessert, the best option is the apple-based dessert apfelstrudel, born in Austria but enhanced by the Italians it’s a must-have served with Italian vanilla gelato.

The Italian Alps - The Perfect Winter Vacation SpotThe Italian Alps are the ultimate Italian destination and unforgettable experience just waiting to happen. Between the snow, mountains, wine, lakes, food, and activities, the Alps are often a forgotten, once in a lifetime perfect slice of Italian heaven. Make sure to visit the most perfect winter vacation spot on the planet!

*Thank you so much for writing today’s post for me, Mary! I’m a little behind on posting this week as I have been spending a bit too much time getting our new furbaby settled in and snuggled. Click here if you missed that post. 

The Italian Alps - The Perfect Winter Vacation Spot
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  1. Oh wow this area is gorgeous! I’ve been to the Swiss alps, but not the Italian. I need to add this to my must-travel list.

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