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10 of the Worst “Comfortable” Shoes People Have Ever Worn

The shoes we wear can make or break our day. While some shoes provide us comfort and ease, others leave us limping and in pain. Recently on an online platform, users shared their experiences of the worst shoes they have ever worn. From knockoff Crocs to Riddell shoes, the comments offer an interesting perspective on the shoes that did not meet their expectations.

1. Puffy Osiris Shoes: Bulky, Popular, Uncomfortable

Prague, Czech Republic - January 05 2020: New Osiris NYC 83 VLC shoes on box
Photo credit: Benislav / Shutterstock.com

Picture this – a shoe connoisseur wearing a pair of puffy Osiris shoes and describing them as the worst things they’ve ever had on their feet! Thanks to the thick padding, the shoes were bulky, uncomfortable, and difficult to walk in. However, they were all the rage back in the day, and people wore them as a fashion statement.

2. Inmate Work Boots: Uncomfortable, Grateful

Prisoner with axe isolated on white background
Photo credit: Elnur / Shutterstock.com

One detainee had a tough time wearing “inmate work boots” and lived to tell the tale. These shoes, made by inmates in correctional facilities, were nothing to write home about – they were uncomfortable and poorly made. Despite the ordeal, the person expressed gratitude for having any shoes while locked up.

3. GLOBE Skate Shoes: Nostalgic Yet Unpleasant

Skateboarder doing ollie on ramp
Photo credit: guteksk7 / Shutterstock.com

A blast from the past! A nostalgic individual fondly reminisced about donning a pair of GLOBE skate shoes, despite their less-than-stellar appearance. While the shoes may not have been a fashion statement, the person cherished the memories and experiences that came with them.

4. White Converse Low-Tops: Comfortable or Not?

Italy, Genova (genoa) - June 12, 2018: close up of sport white sneaker shoes, white shoes Converse All Star low tops against on black box isolated on white background with clipping path.Important information Editorial Use Only. Interested in using Editorial content for commercial purposes? Our commercial license with Asset AssuranceTM may be available to offer the legal coverage and peace of mind you need. Photo Formats 5329 × 3546 pixels • 45.1 × 30 cm • DPI 300 • JPG 1000 × 665 pixels • 8.5 × 5.6 cm • DPI 300 • JPG 500 × 333 pixels • 4.2 × 2.8 cm • DPI 300 • JPG
Photo credit: Stella Photography / Shutterstock.com

Who would have thought that a fashionista would hate a classic pair of white Converse low-tops? They found them incredibly uncomfortable. However, all is still possible because they later discovered the Varvatos collaboration, which was much more comfortable.

5. Knockoff Crocs: Uncomfortable Imitations

Metro Manila, Philippines - Nov 2021: Counterfeit and knockoff Crocs foam clogs of different designs on display for sale at a local market.
Photo credit: MDV Edwards / Shutterstock.com

Knockoff products can sometimes be tempting due to their lower prices, but they often come with a catch. One individual shared their disappointing experience with knockoff Crocs, which did not meet the same standards of comfort and quality as the genuine product. While the specific issues the person faced were not elaborated on, it serves as a cautionary tale to be mindful of the potential drawbacks of opting for counterfeit goods, and to instead just get their originals.

6. Gucci Ace Sneakers: Overpriced and Uncomfortable

Gucci Ace sneakers

While the iconic Gucci Ace Sneakers are loved by fashionistas, one user could not understand the hype. They said they are the most uncomfortable sneakers they have ever worn. And, for the nearly $800 price tag, they should feel like they are walking on clouds! 

7. Kyrie 2’s: Painful for Athletes

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - March 9th 2019: Nike Kyrie 2 Blue Basketball shoes on Basketball court
Photo credit: tokyr / Shutterstock.com

Athletes know the importance of having comfortable shoes, especially for sports like basketball that require quick movements and agility. Unfortunately, one athlete learned the hard way that the Kyrie 2’s, purchased for basketball, were far from comfortable. The shoes caused bleeding around their toe knuckles after every extended wear, proving that comfort should always be a top priority when choosing athletic footwear.

8. Asteroid/Area 51 Foamposites: Eye-Catching, Painful

VIENNA, AUSTRIA - AUGUST 22, 2017: Nike Air Foamposite Pro green, black and platinum sneaker on white background.
Photo credit: xMarshall / Shutterstock.com

Sometimes, even the most visually striking shoes can be a letdown regarding comfort. One sneakerhead shared their experience with a pair of Asteroid/Area 51 Foamposites, which boasted a unique and bold design inspired by outer space and UFOs. Despite their eye-catching appearance, the Foamposites proved to be painful and uncomfortable, causing blisters and sore spots on the wearer’s feet.

9. Fifth Grade K Swiss: Uncomfortable, Embarrassing

Ros, CA - March 6, 2021: New K- Swiss white shoe on top of a box inside a footwear store.
Photo credit: ZikG / Shutterstock.com

As we grow and develop our taste in fashion, it’s natural to look back on past choices and cringe. A shoe enthusiast recounted their experience with a pair of high-top K Swiss sneakers from fifth grade, which was uncomfortable and embarrassing to wear. However, it serves as a reminder that our fashion sense evolves over time, and there is always time to upgrade to more stylish and comfortable footwear.

10. Riddell Shoes: Uncomfortable and Poorly Made

Man choosing trail shoes for hiking sitting in the fitting room of the modern sports shop
Photo credit: RossHelen / Shutterstock.com

Brand reputation is not always a guarantee of quality, as one sneakerhead discovered after wearing multiple pairs of Riddell shoes. Despite the brand’s popularity, the user found the shoes to be uncomfortable and poorly made. It’s a reminder that it’s important to research and try out different brands to find the best fit and comfort for your feet.

Source: Reddit

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