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12 Things That Are Going Extinct With Boomers

The baby boomer generation has deeply rooted traditions and ways of life in a constantly changing world. But as society develops, many of these customs and innovations are progressively losing their relevance and making room for fresh approaches. Now, let’s dive into the items that are most likely to perish along with the boomer generation as we investigate the changes their departure will bring.

1. Social Security: Disappearing Quickly

A Corner of Social Security Administration annual statement showing benefits amount at full retirement age with SSA check. Concept of retirement planning.
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Unfortunately, the future looks grim for social security. One commenter said, “Oof. that one hurts.” The next said, “Boomers are already working into their 70s and 80s. My best hope now is to pass peacefully while on a lunch break.” Another agreed and said, “Dying on the job is also my retirement plan.”

2. Paper Maps: Replaced by Technology

vintage notebook with map on the table, planning a trip
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With the rise of cell phones and built-in GPS into vehicles, the younger generation suspects there will be no more use for paper maps going forward. 

3. Travel Agents: Evolving into Travel Curators or Using AI

Close up female realtor manager real estate agent consulting mature couple about mortgage or rent, looking at laptop screen, senior family wife and husband listening to financial advisor broker
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As we venture into the future, an explorer contemplates the fate of travel agents, suggesting that they will evolve into travel curators. The wanderer predicts that travel agents will primarily handle the aspects of travel that adventurers may not wish to handle themselves, albeit for a fee. This shift reflects the changing landscape of the travel industry, where personalized itineraries and self-service options are gaining popularity. Another reflects that the job may no longer exist in the future and will be easily replaced by AI. 

4. Paper Checks: Slowly Fading into Oblivion

Blank check book with pen isolated on a white background.
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Acknowledging the decline of paper checks, a money maestro highlights their diminishing frequency and hints at the possibility of their eventual extinction. While they still possess a checkbook and occasionally write checks, the practice is becoming increasingly rare. As digital payment methods gain traction and offer convenience, the need for paper checks is gradually dissipating.

5. Bank Tellers: Embracing Digital Banking

African American woman with money at cash department window in bank. Currency exchange
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Observing the trends at their bank, a financial savant reflects on the decline of bank tellers’ services among individuals under the age of 60. Younger generations tend to rely on digital banking platforms and self-service options rather than engaging with traditional in-person teller services. The shift towards digital banking reflects a growing preference for convenience and efficiency in managing financial transactions.

6. Paper Applications: Time to Embrace Digital Applications

paper application form
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Someone shares an anecdote about a visit to Lowe’s, where they witnessed an older gentleman asking for a paper application for a credit card. The enthusiast found it amusing and referred to it as a “zenith boomer” moment, exemplifying a generational difference in embracing digital processes and online applications. As more services move online, the shift toward digital applications becomes increasingly conspicuous.

7. Fax Machines: The Fading Technology

Close up view of old Panasonic fax phone isolated on white background. Sweden. Uppsala. 11.13.2022.
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According to an observer, fax machines are a technology that they believe will eventually fade out with the boomer generation. While still widely used for secure communication, especially in the medical industry, the observer expresses frustration with their existence. They consider the legal requirement regarding paper documents as outdated and unnecessary, paving the way for more modern and efficient means of communication.

8. Cash Transactions and Manual Banking

Customer paying bill by cash at bread counter in bakery shop
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As the boomer generation passes, certain habits and preferences will dissipate. An enthusiast mentions their mother, born in 1946, who carries considerable cash in her wallet and prefers to pay for transactions in cash. Additionally, their mother manually tracks her bank account and pays bills either by mailing checks or visiting the bank in person. These practices reflect a time when digital banking was not as prevalent, but as technology advances, they are becoming less prevalent.

9. Facebook as a Primary Communication Platform

PALO ALTO, CA - DEC 16: Facebook's massive overhaul to user profiles, dubbed Timeline, is now available for the social networks more than 800 million users worldwide on Dec 16, 2011 in Palo Alto, Ca
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A visionary who expresses a desire for change thinks that using Facebook as a primary platform for coordination and communication will dwindle with the boomer generation. They currently wish fewer businesses would rely solely on Facebook for their communication channels. 

10. DMV Photo Centers within AAA Offices

AAA logo at a branch of American Automobile Association privately held not-for-profit national member association and service organization - Menlo Park, California, USA - 2019
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A wanderer from Pittsburgh mentions the presence of DMV photo centers located within some AAA (American Automobile Association) offices. They speculate these centers may continue to exist due to their convenience for handling Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) related tasks. 

11. The Funeral Service Industry: Shifting Paradigms

Death, funeral and family touching coffin in a church, sad and unhappy while gathering to say farewell. Church service casket and sad man and woman looking upset while greeting, goodbye and rip
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According to an observer, they believe that the entire funeral service industry will eventually fade away. The observer expresses the view that the traditional practice of spending substantial sums of money on elaborate caskets for burial is outdated. With the decline in organized religion and individuals’ changing beliefs and preferences, the traditional burial rites associated with religious practices are losing relevance.

12. The Decline of Traditional Puzzle Books

Senior person playing sudoku number puzzle outside
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A connoisseur predicts the eventual obsolescence of traditional puzzle books, such as paper sudoku, crossword, and word search books. They share their experience of transitioning from paper puzzle books to digital apps that offer the same games. The convenience and accessibility of digital platforms make them more appealing to younger generations, leading to a decline in the popularity of physical puzzle books.

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