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What to Wear When It’s Insanely Hot & Humid (Other Than a Dress)

A woman walks along a wooden footbridge connected to a hut surrounded by tropical forest. She's wearing a white short-sleeve shirt and flowy blank and white patterned pants and matching accessories.
A woman sits on a bed inside a luxurious tropical hut. The bed is canopied in white mosquito netting.

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What to Wear in Hot and Humid Weather: A Guide for Women!

What to wear when it’s insanely hot & humid…or what to wear when you’re living in a treehouse in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest. Haha. This was the one and only “fancy” outfit I brought along for our treehouse adventure. The rest of the time, I was wearing hiking clothes and boots! (My roll-up hiking pants are the comfiest things ever.)

Usually, when it’s 100 degrees Fahrenheit with roughly 100 percent humidity, a lightweight sundress is the way to go. However, in the jungle, there are TONS of bugs. So, I needed to be as covered as possible but not wear something that I’d sweat to death in.

That’s where these lightweight beach pants come in. I bought them in Rosario, Argentina, from a Billabong supplier, and I absolutely love them. (They sell them in the US and Europe, too, but in different colors and patterns. Click here for some more options.) And as stupid as it sounds, a loose-fitting, lightweight, plain T-shirt was one of the best things I’ve bought in a long time. I lived in this while we were in the jungle. (It was worn multiple days, also with hiking pants!)

If you’re being really observant, you’ll also notice that I’m wearing a pair of flip-flops and my trusted Salt Water Sandals in this post. This outfit might have gotten worn multiple times, haha. Don’t worry, I was showering! My hair is actually still wet in all of these photos, despite having been washed hours ago. It was THAT humid. I also didn’t bring my blow dryer or straightener or much for makeup. So, this is my natural hair texture and almost makeup-free face. Scary stuff! Haha.

A woman's arm is pictured, showing a wristwatch and beaded bracelet on her wrist. Her arms rests across her legs, and she's wearing black and white patterned pants.

I never took my JORD watch off during this trip, either. I actually have a tan line from it that looks just awful. I guess I’ll be wearing this watch every day until it fades now! Haha. And the bracelet, I actually made with the help of a woman in a nearby village. It was a really cool experience that I’ll be sharing in my next Amazon adventure travel post!

A woman poses on a covered wooden bridge in the Amazon Rainforest. She's wearing a casual, lightweight outfit for heat and humidity, including a white t-shirt and flowy black and white pants, paired with casual accessories.
A woman peaks out from around a giant tree trunk in the center of a luxury hut. Behind her, a large bed is canopied with white netting.
Saying “hello” from behind the tree INSIDE my treehouse!

I’m already missing that treehouse! So much fun! Don’t miss my last post about this amazing treehouse lodge in the Amazon rainforest! I’ll have a few more posts about our time in the Amazon soon. Friday’s post is going to be a bit different, though, with some major announcements in it…stay tuned.

What do you like to wear when it’s insanely hot & humid? Let me know in the comments!

Shopping List: The Best Clothing to Wear in Hot and Humid Weather

Pants: Billabong Adventure Spirit Pant (different pattern)
Top: Carrefour (Similar shirt from Amazon)
Sandals: Salt Water
Watch: c/o* JORD Wood Watches
Sunglasses: Gift from my mom (
similar sunglasses from Amazon here)
Necklace: Bought from a street vendor in St. Lucia (similar Mother of Pearl pendant necklace here)

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  1. This is such a cute post of your little treehouse. When it is hot and humid I don’t like to wear much of anything but a swimsuit, shorts, and hand me a very large squirt bottle. I can’t stand humidity eek! God bless you dear:)

  2. The treehouse looks AMAZING. Such an incredible adventure. And I’m with you – any and all fashion that protects me from bugs, count me in! 😉

  3. I LOVE this outfit! So cute. I love to wear pants like this to the beach for the same reason. I am a huge dress fan, but when you’re doing a lot outside sometimes pants are just better.

  4. It’s a lovely outfit and indeed a great alternative for the usual dress! I’m still not over that treehouse, I’m moving there ASAP ahah

  5. These photos are so fun! I love this casual look. And those pants look SO comfy!! I love wearing lightweight pants in the summer (especially to fight off the bugs…). I really like linen too but it can be so frustrating because it creases so much.

    Lee – leethrifts.com

    1. Aw, thank you, Lee! I had really wanted a pair of linen pants too, but had been worried about the creasing – that drives me bonkers. Haha. Glad it’s not just me who likes lightweight pants in the summer!

  6. The funny thing is the bug part is exactly what my husband said when I told him I wanted to check out the treehouse. So it’s good to see what worked great for you!!

    1. Unfortunately, there were a ton of bugs. But we did go at the worst time of year for them, too. Wearing long clothes and bug spray really helped, though!

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