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Americans’ Ranking of the 12 Most Boring States in the U.S.

Each of the 50 different and distinct United States states has particular attractions and features. But not every state is created equal, and some may be regarded as less intriguing or engaging than others. On an online platform, Americans recently shared their experiences of visiting the most unattractive and boring states. Let’s find out the states.

1. Mississippi 

Jackson, Mississippi, USA skyline over the Capitol Building.
Photo credit: Sean Pavone / Shutterstock.com

Mississippi doesn’t have major metropolitan areas like New York City or Los Angeles. Some people associate excitement with urban life, diverse cultural scenes, and a multitude of entertainment options, which may be perceived as lacking in certain parts of Mississippi. While Mississippi has a rich cultural and musical heritage, it also does not have the same level of mainstream entertainment or cultural attractions as some other states.

2. Indiana

Aerial View of Downtown Gary, Indiana and its Steel Mill.
Photo credit: Jacob Boomsma / Shutterstock.com

Indiana is just not all that exciting the first American commented. The next described it as “flat, painfully-boring cornfields.”

3. Nebraska

Nebraska Windmill in the Sandhills Preserve at Sunset
Photo credit: KSwinicki / Shutterstock.com

According to the next traveler Nebraska is the most boring state in America, and they stated that there is nothing that would motivate them to visit again. They seemed to believe that the state lacked excitement and allure compared to other states. Many fellow Americans agreed, and another stated, “There is nothing but cornfields.”

4. Delaware

Sunrise Over Cristina River and Downtown City Skyline Wilmington Delaware
Photo credit: Real Window Creative / Shutterstock.com

Another boring state is Delaware. The commenter wrote that all three counties of it are nothing but an elaborate tax dodge masquerading as a state. They felt that nothing in Delaware would drive them to visit. In their opinion, the state should be part of Maryland.

5. Kansas

Plowed field in Kansas, United States
Photo credit: luchschenF / Shutterstock.com

Having driven through numerous states, another American shared that Kansas is the only state where they felt like they would drive through nothing until they died. This perception may be due to the state’s vast prairies and farmland, which can seem monotonous to some travelers.

6. North Dakota

Sunrise over Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota
Editorial credit: ZakZeinert / Shutterstock.com

If traveling across the United States, North Dakota is not worth visiting stated other Americans. This is such a boring state that no one cares about it, so it is often forgotten. The user questions when was the last time anyone even mentioned the name “North Dakota.”

7. Iowa

American Midwest Barn Landscape. Sunset over a farm field with a traditional red barn at the horizon.
Photo credit: ehrlif / Shutterstock.com

Iowa is one state in the enormous tapestry of American states that appears to have slipped through the cracks of identification, leaving one user unsatisfied. They said that for every other state, they have some clear association, but Iowa conjures up nothing for them. According to this user, while most states have a symbolic, historical, or cultural identity, Iowa lacks any such distinction, making it a forgettable place.

8. Ohio

River through the City - a look at Dayton, Ohio from above the confluence of the Great Maimi and Mad Rivers
Photo credit: Beeline Aerial / Shutterstock.com

Despite being the birthplace of many famous individuals, such as the Wright Brothers and Neil Armstrong, this traveler believes that Ohio is lackluster regarding things to do and see. The user argues that Ohio is simply a state to pass through rather than a destination worth stopping at. They acknowledge Ohio’s impressive record of producing more astronauts than any other state but ultimately deems it insufficient in excitement and interest.

9. Pennsylvania

Aerial panorama of Allentown, Pennsylvania skyline and Albertus L. Meyers Bridge (aka Eighth Street Bridge) on late sunny afternoon . Allentown is Pennsylvania's third most populous city.
Photo credit: Mihai_Andritoiu / Shutterstock.com

Someone voted that Pennsylvania is the most boring state due to its lack of natural beauty. Despite being wide, it has no beaches or many lakes. The small “mountains” are ranked 35th by the highest peaks. From November to April, the state looks very gray. Although they love Pennsylvania, they suggest there is little to see beyond the city. Another person replied that most people are leaving the state for places like Florida and Colorado. 

10. Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin, USA downtown skyline at dusk on Lake Monona.
Photo credit: Sean Pavone / Shutterstock.com

Wisconsin lacks geographical diversity, so it is quite boring. The state’s flat landscape is the main culprit for the commenter’s disinterest, with the occasional small town as the only interruption to the monotony. The user drove through Wisconsin once and was left unimpressed by what the state offered.

11. Idaho

View of the Sawthooth mountains of Idaho in the fall in the evening light.
Photo credit: OLya_L / Shutterstock.com

In American states, one gem has lost its luster, leaving a daring user to proclaim Idaho as the supreme monarch of boredom. The reason is that the state is sparsely populated, and large areas must be covered by cell phone companies, leading to a lack of connectivity. The user finds it difficult to find any reason to visit Idaho and perceives the state as uninteresting. 

12. Michigan

A panoramic view of the very picturesque Tahquamenon Falls and Tahquamenon River during Autumn, Upper Peninsula, Michigan, USA
Editorial credit: Doug Lemke / Shutterstock.com

Another American proposed that Michigan was a contender for the title of the most lackluster. They acknowledge that it’s a high bar to set. According to them, Michigan lacks the excitement and diversity of other states and is mostly known for its factories and automobile industry. They feel that Michigan doesn’t offer much natural beauty or cultural attractions, and even the Great Lakes, while impressive, can get monotonous after a while.

Source: Reddit

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  1. Marie Olson says:

    I was born in Bismarck and lived in western N.D. for 4 years. We visited “home” about every three years and always found something new. I was madly “in love” with a boy when I was 14. He said, “North Dakota? It’s miles and miles and miles of NOTHING.” That was the end of him!!! If you cannot see the beauty of the Red River Valley, the enormous cloud formations, real jackrabbits, multitudes of birds, the buttes and companion valleys, there is no hope for you. Get off the interstate, visit small-town America and dine on knoedlen and fleischkuechlen, worship at the tiny churches that sustained the citizens in the face of blizzards, dust bowls, Depression and grasshopper plagues. Stop and visit the Native American villages and pay homage to Sacajawea. Oh, and go fishing at the Garrison reservoir–such clean and tasty fish, no pollution! Swing up to the Peace Garden in Canada. Swing south into the Black Hills and visit Mount Rushmore. Do go outside at night and watch the Aurora Borealis at play. The stars may have fallen on Alabama, but they dance in the sky in North Dakota. It is a place of wonder!

  2. Michigan, really?! The Great Lake State, where you’re never further than 6 miles from water?! The Winter Wonderland state?! From the Cherry Capital to the D, Mackinac Island to the UP, you can always find something to do. Wood’s and water, it’s the best of both worlds!!

  3. Agreed. I grew up in Northern WI. North shore country with the apostle islands lakeshore, numerous waterfalls from Superior to Cable. The gorgeous st croix river valley with it’s high bluffs, devil’s lake, the peninsula in lake michigan. So much to see and love

  4. Totally agreed! The upper peninsula is wonderful.

  5. This person has obviously never been in Michigan or Wisconsin. The north shore and upper peninsula are incredible. Both states are flanked by at least two great lakes and feature geology of the last ice age. Waterfalls, glacial moraines, mountains, vast lakes, acres and acres of towering pine and gorgeous sugar maple. Ridiculous that these states are on the list.

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