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Happy 2019! I hope everyone had a wonderful time ringing in the New Year. I thought it would be fun to start my first post of 2019 off with a travel bucket list!

I did one of these lists back in 2017 and really enjoyed looking back to see which countries I made it to (like New Zealand and Turkey) and which ones are still on my list (or moved down a bit lower). I also loved reading everyone else’s bucket list destinations in the comments!

Now, I know full well that I won’t be making it to all of these destinations in 2019 – heck, if I make it to one or two I’d consider it a win! This is just a fun little post to share some hopes and dreams with you all. I hope you enjoy checking out my 2019 travel bucket list and let me know if you have any of the same countries on your wishlist in the comments section!

Have Clothes, Will Travel’s 2019 Top 10 Travel Bucket List

10.) China

Have Clothes, Will Travel’s 2019 Travel Bucket List

China is still on my wishlist! And I am actually sharing a border with China right now…so, if there was ever a time to go, this might be it. I’m also kind of intrigued by taking the Trans-Siberian Railway from Beijing back to Moscow. I kind of doubt that will happen, but hey, it’s fun to dream!

9.) Tel Aviv, Israel

Have Clothes, Will Travel’s 2019 Travel Bucket List

Tel Aviv has made its way onto this list, thanks to it only being a 4-hour flight away now and my husband’s coworkers enjoy vacationing here. I would personally love to see the Old City of Jaffa, hang out on the beaches and try some of the amazing restaurants there. Oh, and how awesome would it be to take a day trip from here to Jerasulem?! And now it’s actually plausible to head here for a quick weekend getaway. (Fingers crossed.)

8.) Jordan

Have Clothes, Will Travel’s 2019 Travel Bucket List

Sticking with the Middle East theme, I would also love to see Jordan specifically Petra, one of the great ancient cities of the world (but really I’d be happy to see any part of this country). I’d also love to see the Dead Sea and head to Wadi Rum for some adventures… like staying in a yurt made out of wool in the desert for a night!


7.) Thailand

Have Clothes, Will Travel’s 2019 Travel Bucket List

I continue to hear the most amazing things about Thailand, and the amazing food alone is reason enough for me to want to go! Visiting an elephant sanctuary has become a dream of mine as well. Wat Pho looks incredible (Temple of the Reclining Buddha) and as does wandering through Khao San Road in Bangkok. I also think Chiang Mai would be incredible to visit too.

6.) South Africa

Have Clothes, Will Travel’s 2019 Travel Bucket List

It’s going to happen! One day I will make it to South Africa! I really want to visit Cape Town. I also really want to go on a safari and also a river cruise (to see some hippos!), and see turtles lay eggs in St. Lucia and maybe dive with great white sharks. Oh, and I REALLY, REALLY want to visit the Cradle of Humankind and the Sterkfontein Caves. This where the discovery of the 2.3-million-year-old fossil Australopithecus africanus (nicknamed “Mrs. Ples”) was found, among others. Paleoanthropology is fascinating!

5.) Nairobi, Kenya

I’ll be completely honest, I haven’t put a ton of research into Nairobi yet. I know Kenya also has safaris and wildlife sancturies…but its main draw for me (at the moment) is The Giraffe Manor! Just watch the YouTube video above, you’ll get it then. Haha.

4.) Morocco

Have Clothes, Will Travel’s 2019 Travel Bucket List

I would love to visit the cities of Marrakesh and Casablanca in Morocco, but specifically, my interest in Morocco is also in spending some time in the Sahara desert. I think it would be incredible to spend a few nights out there riding camels and visiting hidden oases!

3.) Antarctica

Have Clothes, Will Travel’s 2019 Travel Bucket List

I never mentioned this on the blog…however, last year when we were living in Argentina, my husband and I were THIS close to going to Antarctica. We had our boat (Ocean Endeavour) all picked out, we had our dates and we were about to make our down payment…and then there were some scheduling snafus (on our end), and it all fell through at the last moment. (We even made it to Ushuaia, where we would’ve left from – that was cool and also a bit of a heartbreaker, haha.) So, now we are very ready to make a trip to Antarctica! The research has been done thoroughly already! This way, though, we’ll get to research dates further in advance and keep our eye on prices to get the best rates possible. (I was finding the best rates for expeditions in the month of November the last time I looked.)

2.) Chernobyl

Have Clothes, Will Travel’s 2019 Travel Bucket List

Yes, it is safe to go to Chernobyl now. (You will have to be part of a tour group, though.) The nuclear disaster happened in 1986, and you can now enter previous “no-go zones.” This is one of those places where I think it would be incredibly eye-opening and educational to visit…and I am very intrigued to see it. However, it still feels kind of morbid to go to. I’m really torn on this one. I’ve included it so high, though, because there’s a really good chance we will make it here (given that we’re already quite close). If you’ve been, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

1.) Egypt

Have Clothes, Will Travel’s 2019 Travel Bucket List

Egypt has reigned at No. 1 on my bucket list since I was old enough to read! I read all the books I could get my hands on growing up regarding Egypt, I tried to teach myself to read Hieroglyphics and memorized quite a lot of the ancient Egyptian gods. (I was not a normal kid.) There is no doubt I will one day make it to Egypt and see The Pyramids, The Great Sphinx of Giza, The Egyptian Museum, The Valley of the Kings, The Nile, Luxor Temple, and on and on…if it’s the last thing I do! Haha. Hopefully, it will be this year! (I don’t want to jinx it, but my husband already put in a vacation request with Egypt in mind. So, we shall see!)


Are any of these places on your travel bucket list? Let me know in the comments!

Have Clothes, Will Travel’s 2019 Top 10 Travel Bucket List

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I appreciate each & every share. Thank you!

28 thoughts on “Have Clothes, Will Travel’s 2019 Top 10 Travel Bucket List

  1. Nicole Schoultz

    Love this!!!! Antarctica is always on our list. Sailing the Drake Passage would be an experience. We’ve been researching similar trips (I think yours is through the same place, Quark) but then the one that crosses the circle is what really draws us in, and that’s not feasible for awhile. LOL with Mike being in the Navy he collects all these certificates for crossing imagine lines in the ocean, so he wants the one for crossing the circle. Thailand is also on my list. Seeing the Great Wall in winter in the snow is on the list. Chernobyl would be amazing and that would mean I would have made it to Russia and saw either Moscow or St. Petersburg (or both).


    1. haveclotheswilltravel Post author

      Quark is who runs the actual expedition on Ocean Endeavour I believe. Oh gosh, the circle one is really intriguing for us as well. But the time required and price may not be feasible for a really long time, haha. That would be so cool for Mike, though! You have been to the Great Wall, right? I may have to pick your brain on China one day. 🙂 And if you decide to come to Russia – you have to let me know! We’d be happy to play tour guides while you’re here. 🙂


  2. awayfromtheblue

    My sister really wants to visit the Giraffe Manor one day! It’s a shame it’s such a long trip from here, haha! I’d love to travel more, but we are definitely in the ‘just raising little kids’ stage. Maybe when the boys are bigger! 🙂

    Happy New Year! Hope that your 2019 is off to a great start and you’ve been having a great week 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog


  3. Deidre

    I think reading other people’s yearly Travel Bucket lists are so fun, not to mention inspiring. We share some of the same interests like,Thailand and Morocco, but now I have some new inspiration thanks to you! Jordan looks amazing! And Egypt is definitely Bucket List worthy! Great read! Thanks for sharing.

    Sending my love xx


  4. Adaeze @byDeze.com

    This is such an epic list! I’m right with you on the Morocco one- I’m shooting to visit in the next 1-2 years.

    Thanks for helping me add some sites I’d never even thought about!
    (I’ve been to number one though! Egypt was phenomenal though I almost fainted in Luxor!)


  5. Jesper, The Biveros Effect

    Interesting destinations and I see that we share several 🙂

    We are actually heading to Kiev in a few months, sadly without a visit of Prypiat. Would be really intetesting to see Chernobyl one day 🙂

    Can really recommen to go to South Africa and Cape Town really is amazing. We combined it a few years back with Namibia and the flight connections are great between the countries. Namibia is even more amazing than South Africa 🙂


  6. AdventuresWithLuda

    Oh wow, it’s so cool to see my home country (#2)! Chernobyl has always been on my list as well after I learned about it in 8th grade history class 🙂 I love your selection – looks like you have some awesome adventures in the future!


  7. Farrah

    China has so many pretty places to visit! I’ve been to Thailand twice in my life but would love to go back! I hope you get to go to all of these! My travel bucket list is pretty much never-ending at this point, so I’m hoping to get started on chipping away at it!


  8. Undine

    I think I would avoid Chernobyl just to be on the safe side. I have been to some of your countries on your wishlist like China, Egypt, Thailand and Morocco. You will have a great time.

    On mine is Russia, just booked the tickets so this is exciting, Cornwall in England, Colombia and Jordan for this year. We’ll see.


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