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4 Days in Ushuaia, Argentina – The Ultimate Itinerary

When I was planning my trip around Argentina, it worked out that we would be spending a total of 4 days in Ushuaia (a.k.a. The Southernmost City in the World). It’s located between the Beagle Channel, magnificent glaciers, and eternally snow-capped peaks.

Now, spending 4 days in Ushuaia is not necessarily what most people do when they plan their adventures around Argentina or Patagonia. I could not find a single article on a 4-day Ushuaia itinerary when I was trying to figure out my time there!

A man and woman posing in front of a board in Ushuaia Argentina that reads 'Fin del Mundo' in Spanish.

Interestingly, even Argentina personally promotes Ushuaia as the perfect 4-day destination. This is mainly to target locals, thanks to the long weekends that are common here. This is the perfect amount of time to get a feel for the area and check out all the top spots.

But I know it’s much more popular to spend 2-3 days and many people only really have a day (before they embark on their ships to Antarctica). Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need 4 days in Ushuaia itself, but if you find yourself there with this much time…hopefully, this post will help you figure out what to do! 

I, personally, was happy we had this much time here. Ushuaia is such a cute little town with great places to eat and relax.

For this post, I’ll explain when to visit Ushuaia, how to get around the city, what to do in Ushuaia, as well as hotel and restaurant recommendations. Please let me know if you have any additional questions in the comments section at the end of the post!

Zac and Lindsey of Have Clothes, Will Travel bundled up in warm clothing standing on Bridges Island, Ushuaia with the sea in the background
Bridges Island, Ushuaia

When to Visit Ushuaia

Don’t forget, in the Southern Hemisphere, the summer months are December, January, and February, and winter is June, July, and August. The average high in summer is about 60 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average high in winter is about 40 degrees. 

You can visit Ushuaia at any time of year. However, it’s going to be far more pleasant to do so during the summer months. (And many more attractions and businesses are open during that time as well.)

I, personally, was in Ushuaia in early March and the weather was in the 50s Fahrenheit during the day and would dip down to the low 40s at night. 

There weren’t many tourists here at that time of year either. I would recommend being here in late February/early March, as the weather is still pleasant, but the crowds aren’t too bad! The other option is the shoulder months of October/November. 

A serene view of a lake bordered by majestic mountains and lush trees in Tierra del Fuego National Park
Tierra del Fuego National Park in Ushuaia.

How to Get Around Ushuaia

Getting from the airport to your hotel – From the airport to the city centre in Ushuaia is only about a 10-minute drive. I recommend taking a taxi to your hotel from the airport.

Another option is to rent a car from the airport. I, personally, wouldn’t feel comfortable doing this, as traffic in Ushuaia is a bit tricky (the city is built on a steep incline, and traffic is rather aggressive). However, it’s by no means impossible, as long as you are comfortable driving in these conditions.

Getting to Tierra del Fuego National Park from the city centre – If you don’t rent a car, then your best bet is to take a shuttle bus from the city centre to Tierra del Fuego. You can also take a taxi. However, it’s more cost-effective (and just as easy) to go to the shuttle terminal.

The shuttle terminal is near the tourist dock in Ushuaia (next to the gas station). If you’re not sure where it is, you can ask any of the tourist information booths, and they’ll point you in the right direction.

There are tons of shuttle services operating out of here, but all of the tickets are the same price. So, don’t worry! Walk up, buy your ticket, and get on the bus with the matching name to your ticket.

Getting around Ushuaia itself – Most places within the city are easy enough to get to by walking. There is always the option to take a taxi as well.

How to Spend 4 Days in Ushuaia – The Best 4-Day Ushuaia Itinerary

Day 1 – Scope out the town and local cuisine OR take a helicopter ride!

A woman is standing on a railing in front of the harbor in Ushuaia, Argentina.

I’m going to be perfectly honest. After getting off our plane and finding where we were staying, I was so sick and tired, I needed a nap and some food.

So, we took it pretty easy the first day we were here and just meandered around Ushuaia for the day..eating and drinking hot beverages. Ushuaia is a lovely city. I loved just walking around to the different shops and cafes.

HOWEVER, if I had felt better, the plan was to take a helicopter ride around Ushuaia. It’s one of the most highly-rated things to do in Ushuaia and the photos I’ve seen from it look incredible! You also get to see the Emerald Lagoon from up above this way. Book the helicopter ride in advance, though!

Ushuaia view from the boat. Tierra del Fuego province in Argentina. Patagonia. End of the world

Ushuaia is definitely a fun and interesting city to walk around and explore. It’s also quite a young city that has grown pretty fast. Just 50 years ago, there were only around 5,000 people living here.  Now the population is about 60,000, swelling even more in summer months when tourists flood in from December to March. 

You can feel that youthful energy walking around the main streets of downtown Ushuaia.  The colorful buildings and street art give the city a lively, creative vibe. I’d suggest stopping into the local cafes for some coffee and medialunas – Argentine croissants. 

And if it’s raining and you don’t know what to do there, I recommend checking out the Museo del Fin del Mundo (Museum of the End of the World) or Museo Marítimo (Maritime Museum) to learn about Ushuaia’s unique history and culture. 

Though small, this city at the end of the world has plenty of character.

Day 2 – Walk With the Penguins on Martillo Island

Hands down, this is the coolest thing to do in Ushuaia! You get SO close to the penguins. 

I also recommend putting this as early in your itinerary as possible because it’s subject to weather conditions, which can be incredibly unpredictable. (If it gets canceled, this way you get a little more time to rearrange your itinerary if the weather gets nasty.)

There are several different tours that will show you the penguins from a boat (some are much more cost-effective than others). You also have the option of visiting the iconic Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse and observing the local wildlife, which includes sea lions and penguins.

However, walking with the penguins on Isla Martillo is very up close and personal, and I recommend doing this over one of the boat tours. Plus, only 20 people are allowed on the island at a time, so it’s very private.

It’s definitely a must-do when you’re visiting Ushuaia, so make sure to put it on your list!

*NOTE: Please note that the penguins are not there year-long! Check with the tour company when planning your trip. (And yes, you have to use a tour company for this.) It’s my understanding that they are not there in the fall/winter months and are only there in spring/summer to nest – so from mid-October through mid-April. And if you happen to be visiting at a time when there will not be penguins, try doing a catamaran tour to see the other wildlife in the area! 

Day 3 – Visiting Tierra del Fuego

On day three of your trip to Ushuaia, it’s time to check out one of the most gorgeous areas around town – Tierra del Fuego National Park.  This park covers a huge section of Patagonian forests and lakes with endless hiking trails to explore.  

One popular one is the coastal path from Ensenada Bay to Lapataia Bay.  And don’t forget to mail a postcard from the cute little End of the World Post Office there! 

The End of the World Post Office, the Southernmost Post Office in the Americas, Located in Tierra del Fuego National Park, Patagonia, Argentina, 5th Apr 2018
The End of the World Post Office

This isolated outpost has a special post office where you can send postcards and get a unique stamp on your passport, though technically, this stamp isn’t officially authorized. 

Within the park, there are other cool sights too! The industrious beavers doing their thing and the iconic End of the World sign where Route 3 comes to an end. 

Visiting Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego National Park is a highlight for any trip to Argentina.  The unique flora and fauna, plus the feeling of being far away from everything, make it a fascinating place to go hiking. 

Trust me, you have to spend at least one day hiking in Tierra del Fuego National Park. It’s SO beautiful. The best part is that everything is well-marked and easy to navigate, so you won’t need a guide.

Last landmark of Lake Roca that demarcates the border with Chile in Tierra del Fuego National Park, Argentina.
The border of Chile and Argentina on the Hito XXIV Trail in Tierra del Fuego.

End of the World Train

If you want to take a trip to Tierra del Fuego National Park in a unique way, you should think about hopping on the End of the World Train. 

This train actually used to serve a way different purpose back in the day. It was originally built in the early 1900s to transport prisoners down to a nearby penitentiary.  After that prison closed up shop in the 1940s, though, the train got a new lease on life as a tourist attraction.  

this train is known as the world's end train, and works in ushuaia, inside of the argentinian patagonia

Nowadays, riders can take the train on a 7-kilometer (or 4.5 miles) jaunt from right outside of Ushuaia on into the National Park, and along the way, you’ll get to check out some cool sights like Burnt Bridge, La Macarena Waterfall, the Rio Pipo River, and Trees Cemetery.  

Getting there by train lets you take in the scenic views while learning some history too. But keep in mind that the train is right outside of the city, so you’ll need to take a taxi to get there. But it’s definitely worth it!

Day 4 – Cruise the Beagle Channel

Spending time on the land in Ushuaia is one way to experience the area, but getting out on the water is another great option.  

So you have to spend at least a half day sailing on the Beagle Channel! And one company does offer you the chance to sail it, instead of just taking a regular old boat tour!

The Beagle Channel runs right through this part of Patagonia, splitting Argentina and Chile, and there’s tons of wildlife out on the water, along with lighthouses, little islands, and nonstop breathtaking views.  

Lodging in Ushuaia

Ushuaia has tons of accommodation options for various budgets. You can go for a cheap shared hostel room, a budget hotel, or stay in a more luxurious hotel. Regardless of what you go for, you’ll find a great option in Ushuaia within your budget.

Now, I can’t speak for every establishment in Ushuaia. But we stayed at Hotel Mustapic, and for the price, we were quite pleased. It was by no means glamorous (and it was rather dingy), but again, for the price…there were no complaints!

The owner and front desk staff were all very kind as well. The breakfast area has some wonderful views, and breakfast was some decent coffee and medialunas. So, if you require a larger breakfast, plan to eat out! (And see the next section.)

Views from Hotel Mustapic

Luxury Accommodation Option

While I didn’t personally stay here, the Los Cauquenes Resort and Spa is considered to be one of the best places to stay after a visit to Tierra del Fuego National Park. It’s right on the shore of the Beagle Channel, so you get incredible views of the Andes mountains across the water. 

This resort is located only 15 minutes walking distance from the town center of Ushuaia, and 20 minutes driving distance from Martial Glacier. 

The rooms also look incredibly comfortable and relaxing.  This would be a great spot to get away from it all and recharge. The resort seems to have a ton of amenities too – spa, restaurants, outdoor activities, and more. 

This is a place on my list whenever I get to go down to Ushuaia again and explore Patagonia.

*For another luxury accommodation, I advise staying at Arakur Ushuaia Resort & Spa. It’s a gorgeous hotel with breathtaking views…& it’s where Leonardo DiCaprio stayed while he was filming “The Revenant” here.

Where to Eat in Ushuaia


Tante Sara

We came here for breakfast a couple of times while we were in Ushuaia. (You can actually get scrambled eggs!) They have a great selection and everything was very tasty! We actually stopped back and had a really good burger for lunch one day too!


Kalma Resto

This is one of the finer dining experiences you can find in Ushuaia, and heck, I’d say it was one of the finer dining experiences of my life! My husband and I opted for the chef’s recommendation and did a tasting menu of a bunch of different dishes + a wine pairing.

Everything was delicious and beautifully presented. The chef also came out to explain each dish. He actually grows a lot of the ingredients himself or forages in the nearby woods for them. (I thought that was neat!) This was top-notch dining and service!

Paso Garibaldi

This was also a very fine dining experience! They have amazing seafood. Their crab ceviche is amazing. But come here for their Patagonian toothfish! It’s a fish that lives in the ocean at temps between 34–39 °F and at depths of 148 feet.

It’s one of “the” things to eat in Ushuaia, and it is SO tasty. This restaurant also has a fantastic dessert menu…so, be sure to save room for that. (Service was top-notch here as well, and the decor was super cute.)

A person is holding a King crab on a plate at the Villaggio restaurant in Ushuaia, Argentina.
Picking out our crab for dinner!


This is where we came for our King Crab experience. Toothfish is one thing you have to try in Ushuaia, and King Crab is the other. It’s like a Red Lobster…you pick your crab out of the tank and then the chef prepares it for you in back.

It’s pretty darn pricey. My husband and I split one crab and then ended up getting a bowl of soup to fill us up. But the crab was really good!

Ushuaia, Argentina - December 28, 2022: The city skylines on the mountain slopes of Ushuaia, Argentina with the port visible in the background

Bar Ideal

It’s the oldest bar in town and has a lot of fun memorabilia throughout the place. It has some great comfort food. I honestly can’t remember what the name of the dish was, but it had a bunch of different seafood and ton of blue cheese…and my husband and I both loved it.

However, I did feel this place was a bit overpriced for what you get + the service is just awful. But if you’re looking for some hearty comfort food in a neat little bar, overlooking the sub-par service isn’t a big deal.

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Travel Insurance

It’s a good idea, no matter where your adventure takes you, to have travel insurance. You never know what might happen! Whether you get sick before your trip and can’t go, or you become sick or injured while on your adventure – being covered with travel insurance is a must. Some credit card companies do provide this service (check with yours), or you can get a free quote from travel insurance companies such as Squaremouth to find the best plan for you and your adventure.

Visa Requirements for Argentina

Check to see if your country requires a Visa for traveling to Argentina.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this Ushuaia itinerary in the comments! I’d be happy to help. And I’m curious, which day looks like the most fun to you? Let me know in the comments, too!

how to spend 4 days in Ushuaia
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4 days in Ushuaia - the ultimate itinerary and best things to do

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