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Reusing the Clothes Already in My Closet

Closet London dress - cardigan

Closet London dress - cardigan

Dress (Similar here & here) | Cardigan | Flats | Bag

Today is an exciting day! I was asked to be part of Story Behind the Cloth’s #FashionSelfLoveParty and write a guest post for this exciting event. The post was published today, and it’s called: “How to Curb Unhealthy Spending & Love the Wardrobe You Already Have.” I’m sharing all my secrets for keeping my wardrobe manageable, as my husband and I have to be able to move at the drop of a hat…so, having a huge wardrobe isn’t possible. (At the end of the post, you can see all of our worldly goods packed up from our last move from Australia to Argentina.)

And today’s outfit post is featuring clothing that has been featured on the blog a plethora of times already, but it’s been restyled. The dress in this post is actually from one of my first outfit posts ever on my blog. I also restyled it a couple years ago on here for winter. (Click here to see that post.) This is the way I’ve been wearing it the most this past year, though…with flats and a cardigan. Also, this dress from Closet London is super old, so it’s no longer available, but you can check out their blue dress stock by clicking here.

Closet London dress - cardigan

This cardigan has been featured on my blog more times than I can count. (This one here and ok, this one here, are my favorite outfit posts featuring it.) It’s held up remarkably well over the years, despite all the wear and washing! When I orginally bought it, I never would’ve dreamed it would be so versatile. But it’s definetly become my most-used cardigan in my closet.

Ice cream bag

Then, there’s my fun, little ice cream bag. This is a really inexpensive bag that I use all year long. Some might say it’s only to be used in the summer…but to heck with that. I like it! Haha. And I use it in winter as well. (Click here to see my favorite winter post featuring it.)

Last, but not least, are my flats. These are only about a year old. My previous pair of white flats went to shoe heaven, so it was time to invest in a new pair. These were a nice, inexpensive pair that filled the void. However, they run small! I should’ve sized up at least a half-size. They’re still wearable, but if I wear them all day and walk all over the city in them, my feet are screaming by the end of the day. I needed them specifically for this outfit for my nephew’s baptism, so I wore them right away and didn’t exchange them. Whoops!

If you haven’t already, click here to read my post on Story Behind the Cloth. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! And are you pretty good at reusing the clothes in your closet? Or do you tend to buy new things? Let me know in the comments!

Where to find it:

Dress: Closet London (No longer availabe. Similar here, here and here.)
Cardigan: ModCloth
Flats: Amazon
Bag: Amazon

The photo of everything my husband and I own packed and ready to go to from Australia to Argentina. (This was almost a year ago!)

All of our worldly possessions packed and ready for our move.

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  1. I love doing the same! Also, I focus on getting capsule pieces which will always have a space in my closet. I also adore how you matched your back drop to your outfit! fab girl!

  2. I love this vintage look and that handbag, omg fabulous! I also like mix and matching my old and new dresses which is why I seldom shop 🙂

  3. Loving this color pairing and the fun pop of whimsy with the kitschy ice cream bag! I think inspired color palettes like this keep older pieces feeling fresh and exciting. And novelty accessories always add a fun finishing touch!


  4. I have same ice cream bag like yours and it’s nice to revamp our clothes sometimes.

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  5. What a great post idea and campaign. I am really trying to reuse the clothes I already have too for post.

  6. Wow, that dress is so lovely! I can completely understand why you keep on using that! So cute! It is true we should be better at reusing our clothes. Actually, that is something I’m becoming better at after moving to Argentina. The clothes is so expensive here while being so bad quality. So, I opted for buying a lot of clothes when I went back to Denmark the last time, and now I haven’t brought anything for almost 6 months. Haha.Big congrats on the feature, will check it out!

    1. Aw, thank you! And oh my gosh, I know! I wait until I go home to buy clothes from the US. Clothing in Argentina is SO expensive and the quality is generally poor – I agree. That certainly makes avoiding shopping easier! Haha.

  7. How exciting to be featured, Lindsey–I’ll go over and read that next!!
    But you are my hero in living this way. I’m sure I could do it if I had to, but right now it’d be hard!!
    I have a yellow cardigan that I think is the best thing ever too—it’s amazing how it brightens up any outfit!!

    1. Aw, thank you, Jodie! You are far too kind!! I appreciate your comment on the feature post as well. =) And it’s crazy how much use that yellow cardigan gets – everyone needs one. Haha.

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