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Rising Stars: 10 Chinese Drama Actors and Actresses to Keep an Eye On

In the glamorous and exciting world of movies, where stories are like bright stars in the night sky, a new group of skilled actors and actresses are starting to get noticed. With their good looks and good acting, they bring something special to the movies we like. Now, I’ll take a look at some of the most promising talents in the Chinese entertainment world, some of whom may soon become household names.

1. Li Xian (Meet Yourself)

Liu Yifei and Xian Li in Meet Yourself (2023)
Photo by Huace Pictures

According to a committed fan, Li Xian’s performance in Meet Yourself was profound. This young actor is good at showing a lot of different feelings and getting to the heart of a character. His part in the movie shows what a great actor he is. Li Xian loves his job and connects with the audience, so it’s likely that he will become well-known because of the movie.

2. Chen Xingxu (The Starry Love)

Landi Li and Xingxu Chen in The Starry Love (2023)
Photo by Perfect World Pictures

Someone says that the star actor in Starry Love has wowed people all over the world. Everyone is talking about this bright gem because he is such a good actor. Fans are drawn to him like bees to honey, which makes him an up-and-coming star.

3. Kasumi Arimura (Meet Me After School)

Kasumi Arimura in Tsukitsuerareta Kyukoku no Sentaku! Futari ga Saigo ni Erabu Mirai (2018)
Photo by Megabox Plus M.

A drama fan says that Kasumi Arimura’s great performance in the drama Meet Me After School shows off her amazing acting skills and warms the audience’s hearts in every scene. Like a moth to a flame, fans are drawn to her. She is making her way to fame with each part she plays.

4. Zhang Ruoyun (Joy of Life)

Ruoyun Zhang in Joy of Life (2019)
Photo by Tencent Penguin Pictures

A fan of the actor says that Zhang Ruoyun is known for his part in Joy of Life and has made a name for himself around the world with his great acting. He can use words like a painter and show how he feels on a dramatic canvas. People like to watch him on TV, and he is starting to become a well-known character. His story of success is a happy one.

5. Lei Wu (Nothing But You)

Lei Wu in Nothing But You (2023)
Photo by Tencent Video

A fan recommended the Nothing But You star Lei Wu as her favorite actor. With his acting skills, the great artist is making waves. With every word, he brings the figures to life like a storyteller. People like his shows, and it’s clear that he’s on his way to becoming famous. As long as he keeps shining on the big screen, his success story is hard to miss.

6. JingTing Bai (Destined)

Yi Song and Jingting Bai in Destined (2023)
Photo by iQIYI

One of Destined’s admirers wrote that the actor’s spellbinding turn in the role will stay with them forever. He can change into his roles perfectly, like a chameleon. People like him in his parts, and he’s on his way to becoming a big star and doing great things.

7. Chen Xiao (A Dream of Splendor)

A Dream of Splendor (2022)
Photo by Golden Pond Media

A spectator commented that the young actor was making waves with his performances. He was in the movie A Dream of Splendor, and people fell in love with him because of it. He makes his characters come to life with his skill, just like a wizard. People really like his shows, and his popularity is on the rise. Chen Xiao’s career in show business has been nothing but wonderful.

8. Chen Zheyuan (Hidden Love)

Hidden Love (2023)
Photo by Youku

According to one filmgoer, the actor playing the lead in “Hidden Love” is dazzling audiences. He fits his parts together well, like someone who is good at putting together a puzzle. People like what he does, and he’s getting increasingly well-known. His road in the entertainment world is a hidden gem that people should look into.

9. Lusi Zhao (Love Like the Galaxy)

Love Like the Galaxy (2022)
Photo by Dragon TV, iQiyi, Tencent Video

Lusi shines in Love Like the Galaxy, and her playing makes people fall in love with her and sit on the edge of their seats. Her playing skills are like a story that keeps you interested from beginning to end. She shows how she can win people’s hearts and thoughts every time she performs. People really like the way she acts, and her star is on the rise.

10. Tong Dawei (The Disappearing Child)

Dawei Tong
Photo by IMBD

According to one of his many devoted fans, the lead actor in The Disappearing Child is the show-stopper. He tells stories that keep the listener interested. People love seeing him act, and he’s getting more well-known. Tong Dawei’s story as a movie and TV actor is an interesting one that keeps going.

Source: Reddit

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