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When you hear the dress code for some restaurants at Sandals Resorts requires you to wear “resort evening wear”  – you may start to picture suit coats and gowns. Fret not! The dress code is not that over-the-top, and this post will break down how to dress for “resort evening” for both men and women, but still be comfortable on your beach vacation.

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How to Dress for Resort Evening as a Woman at Sandals Resorts

How to Dress for the Sandals Resort Evening Wear Dress Code

What I Wore

This trip was a bit last minute for us – and I hadn’t put a ton of thought into how I was going to dress for dinner at night.


Fortunately, my normal attire of a dress and comfy but cute sandals or flats was more than fine! 

The dress I am wearing in the photo above was super comfortable and pairing it with some fun jewelry, it also looked perfectly dressy. I had purchased it more than 5 years ago for a Luau but thought it would work great for wearing in Jamaica for this trip as well! (Click here for some similar dresses.)

Each Dress I Wore While at Sandals Negril & Montego Bay For Dinner 


Sandals also suggests that the ladies wear nice sandals or heels. However, ladies, you are on vacation at a beach resort – personally, I would leave the heels at home! A cute pair of sandals or wedges are comfier and far more practical for a beach vacation (where, you know, you’re going to be walking on sand and such!)… and sandals like the ones I am wearing below or wedges are completely fine! 

How to Dress for the Sandals Resort Evening Wear Dress Code

These sandals look nice and are comfy… now. But be aware, these sandals took me a solid week of “breaking in” before they became comfortable to wear for long periods of time! Click here to shop them.

sandals resort evening wear

The Dos and Don’ts of the Sandals Resort Evening Dress Code for Women

To be honest, as a woman, we have far more options than the guys do.  A nice comfy sundress and cute sandals are more than adequate for “resort evening.” You would also be fine wearing a cute romper (such as the ones below) or jumpsuit (also below). 



Do Wear:

Don’t Wear:

  • Swimsuits
  • Swimsuit cover-ups
  • Jeans shorts
  • Flip flops 


Shop my outfit:

Dress (Similar options) | Sandals (Similar option here) | Bag | Sunglasses | Necklace | Watch

How to Dress for Resort Evening as a Man at Sandals Resorts 

Men don’t get to have as much fun with what they wear, unfortunately. They can still be comfortable, though!

How to Dress for Resort Evening as a Man at Sandals Resorts 

What My Husband Wore 

For shirts, the guys are supposed to wear long or short-sleeved dress shirts (with or without a collar). My husband swears by his Eddie Bauer button-ups because they look nice and are very breathable (some of them are also wrinkle resistant too). He also wore a couple polos too (like the ones pictured below).

Shirts for the guys:

guys dress code for Sandals

For pants, the guys are supposed to wear dress pants or jeans. However, jeans are the last thing you want to wear on a hot and humid night. (It never got below 80 degrees while we were here!) You can still look perfectly nice in breathable hiking pants, in my opinion. My husband wears these breathable hiking-ish pants for just about everything! (Click here to shop them.)

They look nice but are also comfortable to wear in the heat. (He wears them for work now and wore them pretty much the entire time we were in Egypt and Jordan too – proof of that if you click here.) He also packed these pants from Eddie Bauer and wore them too.



Guys shoes for Sandals evening wear dress code

As for shoes, guys have to wear closed-toed shoes. So, no sandals for you guys – sorry! They’re also not supposed to wear sneakers. Loafers or boat shoes are great for nights like this. My husband is obsessed with these Sperry boat shoes at the moment because he can now wear them for work in his new role. They also worked perfectly for “resort evening” style plus they are very comfortable to wear. (Click here to shop them.)

Shoe Options

dress code sandals evening wear men
The Dos and Don’ts of the Sandals Resort Evening Dress Code for Men

Do wear 

Don’t Wear

  • Sleeveless shirts
  • T-shirts
  • Shorts
  • Sandals or flips flop or sneakers
  • Hats

Shop my husband’s outfit:

Shirt | Pants | Sunglasses | Shoes 

Just to be clear too – this isn’t required for ALL Sandals restaurants, only some of them have the resort evening dress code. Others will have “resort casual” as their dress code. What that means is you basically just have to wear something over your swimsuit and not be barefoot! (Easy peasy!) No shirt, no shoes, no service – is the exact motto of “resort casual.” 

If you want to know how many restaurants require “resort evening” for their dress code – simply click here for the Sandals website. Then click on your resort and then “dining.” You’ll be able to then click on every restaurant at your Sandals Resort and the dress code will be on the righthand-side. 

If anyone has any questions at all about the dress codes at Sandals Resorts – please feel free to reach out in the comments section at the end of the post!

*These photos were taken at Sandals Montego Bay.

How to Dress for the Sandals Resort Evening Wear Dress Code

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