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10 of the Cutest Printed Midi Skirts (Available Online)

Midi skirts are the epitome of classy if you ask me. They’re perfect for so many different occassions, and fortunately, there’s a plethora of online midi skirt options these days.

Also, if you’ve been following my blog for a little while, you might have noticed I particularly have a printed midi skirt obsession. Anytime I’m doing any sort of online clothing shopping, I always find myself going right for the quirkiest of quirky printed midi skirts! So, today’s post is a fun little one featuring 10 of the cutest printed midi skirts I’ve seen online recently. I hope you all enjoy this list as much as I did! And I’d love to hear what your favorite skirt is in the comments section. Enjoy!

*Disclosure: some of these links are affiliate links. Meaning, if you click a link and make a purchase, Have Clothes, Will Travel gets a very small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible!

10 of the Cutest Printed Midi Skirts (Available Online)

1.) UV Ballerina Skirt

ballerina skirt

I just placed my very first order with Unique Vintage before I wrote this post….and now I’m currently kicking myself for not including this adorable ballerina skirt in my order! I think that just means I’ll have to make my second order with Unique Vintage a bit sooner than expected. Haha.

Click here to shop this ballerina skirt.

2.) Shein Plum Blossom Midi Skirt

I have had this plum blossom midi skirt sitting in my shopping cart for unreasonably long amount of time. I simply love this skirt, I just worry I have too many floral print midi skirts already! (Is that actually a problem, though?) Oh, and this skirt is less than $25!

Click here to shop this plum blossom midi skirt.

3.) Chicwish Sing a Love Song Printed Midi Skirt

I just love the simplicity of this little birdie midi skirt! Just looking at it makes my heart happy. Leave it to Chicwish to come up with yet another adorable print.

Click here to shop this birdie love song midi skirt.

4.)Satin Floral Midi Skirt by Closet

This skirt was just too pretty not to include in this post. The print is gorgeous! And Closet London always makes the best clothes. (They’re occupying a large amount of my closet at the moment!)

Click here to shop this floral skirt.

5.) Handmade Lemon Print High-Waisted Midi Skirt

Lemon prints have certainly been popular lately! And I’m not one to complain! I absolutely love them. I also really love the high-waisted cut of this skirt + it’s handmade! (Oh, and you can get the matching petticoat too, if you’re interested!)

Click here to shop this handmade lemon skirt.

6.) Tatyana Boutique Fanny Midi Skirt

It would be a tragedy to write a post about cute midi skirts and not include my longtime favorite fan skirt! I’ve featured this skirt a ton of times on the blog, here, if you need some more convincing on why I love this skirt. And I recently did a fun post featuring it with one of my favorite fellow bloggers, here. (Complete with a video!)

Click here to shop this AMAZING fan skirt.

7.) Anthopologie Garden Midi Skirt

Oh my gosh, look at how exquisite this midi skirt is! I just love the detail! And I instantly think of a Japanese Tea Garden when I look at it (might be a strech for some, but I totally see it).

Click here to shop this garden midi skirt.

8.) ModCloth Just This Sway Midi Skirt in Float

ModCloth has always been one of my favorite spots for cute skirts. Admiteddly, their quirky/cute printed skirt section has been slacking lately, but I think they really came through with this adorable Hot Air Balloon Skirt!

Click here to shop this hot air balloon skirt.

9.) UV Gumball Machine Midi Skirt

gumball machine skirt

Sorry, I am repeating Unique Vintage, but a gumball machine print skirt is just not something you see everyday! Too cute!

Click here to shop this gumball machine midi skirt.

10.) Amazon’s London Streets Midi Skirts

Last but not least, a very affordable midi skirt from Amazon featuring the iconic red London phone booths and double decker buses. And with a price tag that’s just over $15, it’s the least expensive cute skirt out of the bunch!

Click here to shop this London streets midi skirt.

Which skirt out of this list was your favorite? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!


  1. Beautiful selections, Gosh I love them all. I really do need to buy some more midi skirts. xx


  2. I too have a midi skirt obsession and I am loving some of these picks! Especially the London Streets skirt!!



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