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Tips for Visiting Izmailovsky Market in Moscow, Russia

The best place to buy souvenirs in Moscow, Russia is easily Izmailovsky Market. It’s located just outside the city center and is easy to get to via the metro. The prices here are a fraction of what you’ll pay on Arbat Street for the same souvenirs… and you can barter!

Izmailovsky Kremlin (Market) during winter.
Izmailovsky Kremlin (Market) during winter.

My husband and I went here countless times to buy souvenirs for friends and family members. We also took anyone who visited us in Moscow to this market to show them what it’s all about! Because even if you aren’t looking to purchase souvenirs, Izmailovsky Market is a fun way to spend a few hours exploring on a weekend. There is a lot to see and also eat here!

This post is breaking down what to know before you go…and explaining why you must visit Izmailovsky Market if you’re visiting Moscow.

Tips for Visiting Izmailovsky Market in Moscow, Russia

How to Get to Izmailovsky Market

The Metro

The quickest (usually) and most cost-effective way to get to Izmailovsky Market is by taking the metro. If you’re a new visitor to Moscow, I know the metro can sound intimidating. However, you MUST try out the metro while here – as it’s seriously as beautiful as a museum. (Click here for more tips about taking the metro in Moscow.)

For example, from Red Square, you can get on the metro at Ploschad’ Revolyutsii and take it to Partizanskaya stop. This will take about 30 minutes and cost 55 rubles (less than $1 USD.)  You can purchase one-way tickets at the metro station or you could also purchase a Troika card if you plan on using the metro more than a couple of times while in Moscow. (This is a reusable card you can put money on for the metro.)

When you exit the metro station – it may seem a little confusing. However, just follow the crowds! The vast majority of people getting off at this station are going to the market. And you’ll be able to see the fairytale-looking buildings (that you should head towards) as you get closer to the road.

Google Maps is getting better in Moscow… however, Yandex Metro is still the best app to use for figuring out which metros to take in Moscow. 


Another option is to use the Gett or Yandex Taxi Apps to take a cab. The last time I went from the city center to Izmailovsky Market via taxi, it came out to about $5 or $6 USD. This does take longer than the metro, though. This will take at least 40 minutes of driving and sometimes more if the traffic or weather is bad.

Tips for Visiting Izmailovsky Market in Moscow, Russia

When to Visit Izmailovsky Market

Technically the market is open every day from 10 am to 6 pm. However, during the week many of the vendors are not there.

The best time to visit is on either a Saturday or Sunday between 11 am and 4 pm. (If you get there too early or too late, you’ll find some stalls aren’t set up yet or they’re already closed for the day.)

If visiting on a weekend is impossible for your schedule, the next best day to visit is on a Wednesday.

You’ll Need Cash!

Except for a few stalls, cash is the only way you’ll be able to pay for anything here! If you end up running out of cash (which may or may not have happened to me on occasion), the best spot to take more cash out is an ATM inside the lobby of Izmailovo Beta Hotel, which is just across from the Izmailovsky Market. You can also take out very large sums of money at this ATM – if you end up finding A LOT of goodies at the market!

fur hats in moscow

You Can Barter Here

Izmailovsky Market is one of the only places you’ll be able to barter for your souvenirs. So be prepared to haggle a bit! (Most stall owners speak multiple languages or will use a calculator to haggle prices.) For example, the stalls selling fur hats (pictured above) can sometimes start as high as 3,000 – 4,000 rubles for a hat. However, we generally bought them for 1,000 – 1,200 rubles. (They were really popular Christmas gifts for family members last year, haha!)

Russian Nesting Dolls
Me with my favorite handmade nesting doll souvenir!

Not every single stall will be willing to barter, though. My favorite stall sells handmade Matryoshka dolls (pictured above), and she generally did not budge on her prices as they were already fairly priced and all of her things are handmade. (Her stall is on the end across from the stairs leading up to the area where rugs are for sale.)

Tips for Visiting Izmailovsky Market in Moscow, Russia

Tips for Visiting Izmailovsky Market in Moscow, Russia

There Are Food Stands

You can come hungry to Izmailovsky Market as there are food stand selling kebabs, hot dogs and various goodies. You can also buy drinks and even alcohol here. The stands pictured above mainly sell kebabs, but there are more options as you move toward the museum area of the market (follow signs for the Vodka Museum and you’ll see more food options). There are also food and drink carts being pushed around the market.

Tips for Visiting Izmailovsky Market in Moscow, Russia
Selling beverages throughout the market…
Tips for Visiting Izmailovsky Market in Moscow, Russia
More dining options by the museums.

More dining options by the museums

… and Also Museums!

There are also a bunch of little museums inside the market. Frankly, anytime I came to the market I was usually on a mission to buy something, so the only museum we’ve ever actually gone into is the Vodka Museum. It’s not the most exciting museum in the world… but it’s an interesting way to spend an hour or so. Plus, you can also sample different vodkas (and there are some fun beer options too if you’re not a vodka drinker). Click here for more information.

Vodka Museum Photos

Be Sure to Dress Comfortably!

You will be on your feet a lot while at this market, and it can get rather muddy and slushy depending on the time of year you are visiting. Be sure to wear appropriate footwear. This is almost all outdoors, so be prepared and dress VERY warmly if you go in winter. (I usually would wear boots, thick socks, long underwear, a thick sweater and a puffy winter coat and hat and gloves anytime I went in winter). Click here for all of my tips for what to wear to Russia in the winter!

Magical photos of Christmas in Moscow, Russia
The best example of what I would wear to the market in winter.
Best Souvenirs to Buy at Izmailovsky Market

Please find my complete Russian souvenir list with average pricing, here. I’ve also included a few of the most popular souvenirs to buy, below.

  • Matryoshka dolls (nesting dolls)
  • Fur hats (or faux fur hats)
  • Podstakanniks (tea glass holders)
  • Amber jewelry
  • Traditional clothes
  • Fabergé egg replicas
Few More Things to Note:
  • If you’re looking for some colorful “Instragrammable Places” to take photos – Izmailovsky has you covered! The area by the main entrance, and where the museums are, has a lot of colorful walls and buildings that make for fun photos.
  • A LOT of the vendors do not want you taking photos of their stalls – this is because (at least some of them) are selling handmade things that they do not want people replicating. If you’re unsure ask. (Or also, look for signs – many stalls will have signs that indicate they do not want photos taken.)
Ask before taking photos like this...
Ask before taking photos like this… Not all vendors will allow it.
  • While there are tons of souvenirs to choose from here… there is also a section of the market that is essentially a big “garage sale.” This is where locals bring in antiques or just old junk to sell. I know nothing about antiques – so, I never bought any, but there is a TON to choose from!
Random garage sale items!
Random garage sale items!
  • There are also stalls selling bear skin rugs and other various animal furs. While they are quite reasonably priced for such things – be sure you know your country’s laws for importing animal furs/skins if you buy something like this! You may have some paperwork or hefty fines to pay if you don’t do your homework…

market in moscow

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about visiting in the comments section at the end of the post. I’ll do my best to answer them all!

Visa Requirements

To check if your country requires a Visa for traveling to Russia, click here.

Travel Insurance

It’s a good idea, no matter where your adventure takes you, to have travel insurance. You never know what might happen! Whether you get sick before your trip and can’t go, or you become sick or injured while on your adventure – being covered with travel insurance is a must. Some credit card companies do provide this service (check with yours), or you can get a quote from companies such as Squaremouth to find the best plan for you and your adventure. (This is the company I, personally, use. They are even recommended by Forbes!) To get a free quote, click here.

More photos of Izmailovsky Market, below. 

Izmailovsky Market

Tips for Visiting Izmailovsky Market in Moscow, Russia Tips for Visiting Izmailovsky Market in Moscow, Russia


  1. Annemarie O'Brien says:

    Great post! I used to live in Moscow in 1989. Izmailovo Market looks very different. I don’t recall the colorful building. I remember lots of mud, some stalls, and plenty of sheets where people placed items they wanted to sell. I hope to go back soon. I’m sure so much has changed. Back in 1989, I think IM was only open on Sundays.

  2. Madhurima says:

    Hi Lindsay, this is a great post, very informative – I am planning to visit Moscow in Feb, 22, – I’ll be travelling from a tropical country and I’m not sure if the coats I have are suitable for Russia in the winter.
    Would you know a cheap place to buy winter wear – maybe a puffer jacket and snow boots in Moscow?

    Thanks a lot, stay safe and keep travelling!

    1. haveclotheswilltravel says:

      H&M will likely have nice cheap outerwear to choose from. There is one on Teatral’nyy Proyezd that I like – and will be close to Red Square, the Bolshoi, etc. I would also head to the Okhotny Ryad Mall located underground in Red Square. You can enter it via Alexander’s Garden or there is also an entrance in front of the Four Season’s Hotel. They have a wide variety of stores, and it will likely be close to the places you are visiting while in Moscow.

      Have a wonderful time in Moscow! I’m very excited people are beginning to plan trips here again!

  3. Zainpedia says:

    Lindsey you are doing great work for tourism . I really appreciated your work .

    1. haveclotheswilltravel says:

      Oh gosh, thank you. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the posts.

  4. mireilleftm says:

    I don’t think my comment posted.. So here goes again lol! I love markets and this one sounds amazing. I have one that I want to visit next we go to the republic of Georgia and hope to have friends come and help me with pricesr!

    1. haveclotheswilltravel says:

      That sounds amazing!

  5. This post is really interesting. Beautiful photos.

    1. haveclotheswilltravel says:

      Thank you!

  6. I can see why the hats would be so popular Lindsey…heck, don’t you already have snow there?? This is like mall shopping only the Russian version…how fun!!

    1. haveclotheswilltravel says:

      Haha! We’ve had 4 snow storms already!! My husband has already been wearing his hat this week!

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