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10 Brands People Voted Declined In Quality and Are Coasting off Their Reputation Now

When it comes to shopping, quality is an essential factor to consider. Spending money on a product is frustrating, only to fall apart after a few uses. Recently, people on a social media platform shared their opinions on which brands have taken a turn for the worse.

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1. H&M

One user noted that H&M’s quality used to be decent for the price, with a lot of variety. However, they observed a decline in quality after a while. The user mentioned that everything started to lose shape and even ripped after a couple of washes, and they ended up with only a houndstooth blazer from the Premium section that lasted.

2. Anthropologie

According to the second person, Anthropologie, a popular clothing and home decor retailer has declined in quality over the years. The user stated that the items in stock at the two physical stores near them were always made of polyester and overpriced, resembling Forever 21 items. The user noted that the products available on Anthropologie’s website, such as expensive cashmere sweaters and silk dresses, were of better quality than those in the physical stores.

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3. Uggs

According to a user’s assertion, the quality of Uggs, a well-liked sheepskin boot brand, has diminished over time. The user stated they owned a pair from 8th grade through college, around 2003. However, in recent years, the user has found that a pair of Uggs can only last for up to two years.

4. Calvin Klein

The once-beloved Calvin Klein underwear has fallen from grace, as a user laments the shrinking quality, inconsistent sizing, flawed construction, paper-thin fabric, and disappointing durability.

5. J.Crew

A loyal follower of J.Crew for years, the user’s heart sank as they voiced their disillusionment with the brand’s waning quality, leaving them crestfallen and searching for a new fashion haven. While the user has accumulated many pieces from J.Crew, they have noticed a decline in quality over the last few years. The user now resorts to buying used J.Crew items on eBay, finding them better quality than the new items in stores.

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6. Aritzia

The once-promising Aritzia, a beacon of Canadian fashion, has left one user disenchanted and crestfallen, their disappointment palpable as they recount their fading loyalty to the boutique chain. Despite their high prices, the user felt that the quality of the clothing could have been better and lived up to their expectations.

7. Lululemon

Once a symbol of high-quality and innovation, Lululemon’s reputation has been tarnished in the eyes of regular customers as they grieve the brand’s plummeting standards over the past few years, leaving them longing for the days of yore.

They claimed that the leggings, once known for their durability and quality, wear out quickly and are easily torn. The person also complained about the brand’s need for more consistency in sizing, making it difficult to find the right fit.

8. Lucky Brand

According to a dissatisfied user, Lucky Brand is no longer reliable as their products have become hit or miss. While they used to be a staple in the user’s wardrobe, now only half of their purchase is satisfactory.

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9. Coach

As a former devotee to Coach’s line of handbags, one user’s disappointment with the brand was palpable, their loyalty waning as they recounted their grievances with the now lackluster designs and declining quality.

They were once satisfied with the quality of their leather and even benefited from their lifetime warranty program. However, they noticed a decline in the leather quality, and to make matters worse, Coach discontinued their lifetime warranty. The user eventually lost faith in the brand and moved to other options.

10. Zara

Finally, an individual expressed that the quality of Zara’s clothing has declined significantly. The person recalled buying clothes from the brand in high school that lasted a decade, but now they find that Zara’s clothing only lasts a few washes and is more expensive. This sentiment was echoed by many other consumers who have noticed a significant drop in quality over the years.

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  1. Ely Chan-Hosea says:

    I am a business professional & CPA with over 30 years of being out there in Honolulu and Las Vegas. Once upon a time Liberty House of Hawaii (LH) was the “Nordstroms” of Hawaii. In fact, the shoe department of LH belonged to Nordstroms – my shoes all had that label. When LH filed bankruptcy, it became Macy’s Hawaii. 1998 Las Vegas, I started buying from Macy’s, Dillard’s, JC Penny and Nordstroms. Today I avoid buying clothes. Cashmere is so disappointing. There are no silk garments. Embroidered items are ugly and very few 100% cotton. I am keeping mine from the 1990s.

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