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The Best Travel Clothes for Women: The Ultimate Guide for 2024

Searching for the best travel clothes for women? Look no further! From stylish travel jackets to comfortable hiking shirts, this post has it all.

As a frequent traveler for more than a decade, I have learned the importance of investing in quality travel clothes. Not only do they make packing and dressing for trips easier, but they also ensure that I look stylish and put-together while on the go, and perhaps most importantly, that I am comfortable.

Lindsey wearing a floral Karina dress and white keds in Delphi Greece

When it comes to traveling, comfort and practicality are key. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Women’s travel clothes are designed to be versatile, durable, and easy to care for, while still looking fashionable.

In this article, I will be sharing my top picks for women’s travel clothes, as well as tips for styling and choosing sustainable options. I’m also going to be sharing photos of me wearing the items on various adventures – you’ll likely notice that I’m mixing and matching all of the items mentioned in this post pretty frequently!

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a month-long backpacking trip, having the right travel clothes can make all the difference. From wrinkle-free fabrics to convertible pieces, there are plenty of options available to suit your needs and preferences.

If you’re looking for a specific piece of travel clothing to add to your suitcase, feel free to use the table of contents below. This will help you easily navigate through this post. Otherwise, I’ll be sharing absolutely every piece of travel clothing I recommend that is currently in stock online – from shirts and pants to socks and underwear and everything in between!

*Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliate links. Meaning, that if you click a link and make a purchase, Have Clothes, Will Travel gets a very small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible!

Best Travel Clothes for Women – My Top Picks

After years of traveling and testing items, here are all of my top picks for women’s travel clothes, starting with travel pants and ending with accessories:

Best Travel Pants for Women

"the mummy" brendan fraser/rick o'connell inspired outfit for egypt

Eddie Bauer Women’s Sightscape Horizon Convertible Roll-Up Pants

These are hands down my favorite travel pants. Heck, these are my favorite pants to wear even when I’m not traveling. They’re incredibly comfortable and versatile. They breathe well and can be worn in a variety of climates. I’m perfectly comfortable wearing them in blistering hot conditions in the jungle to windy and chilly weather at the top of a mountain.

Plus, these pants are very well-made. I bought them over 7 years ago, for my 1st trip to Peru, and have since worn them throughout South America, hiking in Jordan, traveling in Egypt (pictured above), and on safari in Kenya. I’m wearing them as I write this post. If you only add one pair of travel pants to your collection, I highly recommend it be these.

I also find using Eddie Bauer’s size calculator to be accurate when determining which size to order.

Anatomie The Kate Skinny Cargo Pant

Anatomie is a luxury clothing brand that I’ve been in love with for the last 5 years. They have a lifetime guarantee that covers any repair or replacement of an item forever. You just need to have proof of purchase. Their clothing is top-notch quality and looks amazing no matter where you plan to wear it.

Their Kate Skinny Cargo Pants I’ve worn for everything from urban city adventures to tracking rhinos on foot! (If you want to see a video of them in action, check out this YouTube video of mine around the 2-minute mark.) I’ve had these for about 5 years now and haven’t needed to take them up on the lifetime guarantee yet – they still look great! They work great in warmer climates, though. You would be pretty cold wearing these in winter.

Just note, that these pants are more fitted. If you’re wearing them in a conservative country, I would suggest pairing them with a longer shirt.

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Tips for Visiting Izmailovsky Market in Moscow, Russia

Aviator Best Travel Jeans | Skinny | Dark Indigo

I actually have a few pairs of Aviator Travel Jeans! Their Indigo Skinny Jeans are just the ones they currently have in stock. I do love every pair I have, though.

Their jeans are VERY comfortable. I even wore them on a flight from Wisconsin to Russia and didn’t regret the decision! They are stretchy but can be worn multiple days in a row and you don’t have to worry about them getting “stretched out” in the waist. They also have usable pockets, which is almost unheard of when it comes to women’s jeans. I like wearing these for trips that have chillier weather in the forecast. I have an entire post dedicated to them here.

Their sizes are also “normal” and true to size. I am usually a size 28 in other jeans and that is what I am in Aviator sizes.

Carve Designs Brady Straight Leg

Carve Designs is another brand that I absolutely love everything they make. You’ll see them a couple of times in this post!

These Brady Straight Leg jeans are favorites of mine because they look nice and stylish, and it takes several weeks of wear before they start to stretch out at all. These were the only bottoms I packed for my last trip to Peru, besides the hiking pants I used for the Inca Trail. The photo above is after 2 weeks of wear and they are still holding their shape just fine.

These are true to size too. I am normally a size 6 in other brands, and the size 6 in these jeans fits perfectly. Just note, though, that the first day you wear them after washing them they feel pretty tight. So, I don’t advise wearing them on flights, like the Aviator Jeans.

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Jumping for joy at La Push Beach!

Hereafter Earth Leggings

When it comes to simple black athletic leggings, Hereafter makes the best pair. They’re incredibly comfortable, and take a very long time before they get smelly. This is thanks to the material having all kinds of fun tech in it that kills odor-causing bacteria. I love wearing these for hiking trips for that reason. (I have another picture of them in action hiking in Peru at the end of this post.) They also have pockets that are large enough to fit a cellphone and come in 6 colors.

Note: I did NOT find their size predictor to be accurate. It suggested a size medium for me. However, that was far too snug. I ended up exchanging these for a size Large.

XCVI leggings while traveling
Plenty of room in the pockets for my passport and phone.

XCVI Kativa Leggings

These leggings are stylish enough to wear for a day of touring and comfortable enough to wear for a long international flight or a day of working at home. I like that XCVI leggings have some structure and texture to them to give them a unique and stylish flare. Plus, they have useable pockets!

Unfortunately, XCVI no longer carries this exact pair of leggings, but they have a ton of similar options on their Amazon page and website.

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Free Fly Women’s Breeze Cropped Pant

These cropped pants by Free Fly are the newest additions to my travel pants collection, however, they are quickly becoming one of my favorite pairs of travel pants for long plane rides and warmer weather. They are super stretchy and lightweight! Plus, they have deep pockets that can easily fit a cell phone (not always a given with women’s pants).

The photo above is after a full day of driving/flying and finally making it to my hotel in Nashville! These pants were so comfortable I ended up wearing them for touring around Nashville the next 3 days I was there. They also were the pants I wore for an 18-hour journey over to Greece this fall. I also love the Free Fly hoodie I’m wearing in this photo. It’s so comfortable and breathable!

The Free Fly size chart is accurate. Based on my measurements, I ordered a small in these pants and also the hoodie, and they fit great. (I’m normally a size 6 or medium in other brands.)

Best Travel Shirts for Women

My rhino tracking outfit I wore all but one day featuring an army green button up shirt and khaki hiking pants
My on-foot rhino tracking outfit in Kenya!
Shirt | Boots | Pants

Eddie Bauer Women’s Mountain Ripstop Long-Sleeve Shirt

These button-up shirts are my favorite travel shirts for exploring in warm weather! They are made of a lightweight fabric that protects my skin from the sun without trapping in moisture. I have these shirts in a couple of different colors and have had them for over 5 years. They’re holding up great for a variety of adventures. They also come in a variety of sizes, including regular, tall, petite, and plus.

Lindsey wearing a read Qzip pullover from SCOTTeVEST with arms out stretched and Rainbow Mountain in Peru behind her.

Scottevest SUSIE QZIP Sport

This pullover from SCOTTeVEST is so comfortable to wear for a long day of travel and exploring in moderately cool weather. It’s made with high-performance fabric and is lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying. It’s become one of my favorite shirts to wear for everything from a long flight to a long day of hiking mountains or simply going for a run at home. I love that I can stick my car key in the pocket when I’m running or hiking without a backpack.

And if you ever end up on a Zoom call with me, I’ll likely be wearing this pullover too! It’s one of my favorites to wear when working from home because it’s so comfortable! Plus, I love the vibrant color.

Use code HCWT for 15% off your SCOTTeVEST purchase!

Hiking in rocky mountain national park wearing or moisture wicking travel clothes and backpacks

Women’s 37.5® Tech Hooded Shirt | UPF 50+ | Cooling

These thermoregulation shirts by Eclipse Gloves are literally some of the coolest shirts my husband and I own. The climate control fabric retains warmth if we start cooling down or releases warmth if our core body temperature starts to rise. When I first read that, I thought it was just a bunch of marketing mumbo-jumbo, but these shirts do live up to their claims! They keep us comfortable no matter what conditions we’re hiking in. They have become our new favorite hiking shirts as a result.

I ordered my normal size medium in this shirt, despite the size chart suggesting a small. A small one would have looked nicer and fit better, but I prefer my hiking shirts to be a little looser-fitting.

Lindsey of Have Clothes, Will Travel wearing earth leggings and a pink REI shirt sitting on a rock by a bright blue colored lake in Peru

REI Co-op Sahara Shade Hoodie – Women’s

The downside to the Eclipse Glove shirt is that it is pretty expensive. (And rightfully so, it has a lot of cool stuff going on!) This hoodie from REI is a nice “dupe” of that one, at almost half the price tag.

It’s soft and comfortable to wear for a variety of travel adventures, including hiking. I love the color too (very on-brand for me)! I would say this one isn’t quite as good at regulating body temp or wicking sweat, but it’s still a high-quality travel shirt and at a good price point.

Again, I went with my normal size medium with this one, despite the size chart suggesting a small. I like my hiking shirts a little baggier.

Wearing a black Anatomie t shirt with mesh sleeves and khaki skinny pants looking out at a field of sunflowers
Wearing a straw fedora and black Anatomie t shirt in a field of sunflowers

Anatomie Melissa Pima Cotton T-Shirt

When it comes to city vacations or any event that requires me to not wear hiking clothes, Anatomie shirts are my go-to. They are very comfortable and look amazing. This shirt is one of the most complimented items I have in my closet, thanks to its unique mesh sleeves! It looks great with jeans and is also fabulous as a base for layering cardigans. This is a pretty expensive shirt, but again, Anatomie has a lifetime guarantee on its clothing.

This shirt is true to size too, based on Anatomie’s size chart. Based on my measurements, I went with a size small, and it fits perfectly.

Review of Aviator's Merino Wool Travel T-Shirt

Aviator Merino Wool Travel-T | Women

A slightly less expensive, but still high-quality alternative to Anatomie’s T-shirt, is Aviator’s Merino Wool T. I’ve had this shirt for over 5 years and it is holding up incredibly well, despite being worn for countless adventures and getting washed on my washing machine’s “heavy duty” cycle. It’s a little thicker than your average cotton T-shirt, but it still breathes well and it takes a few wears before it gets stinky.

I followed the size chart for this one and went with a small and it fits just right. I also have an entire blog post about this shirt, if you’re interested in learning more!

I'm wearing an orange prAna tank top & khaki pants here and am walking on a gravel road surrounded by fall foliage
Loungewear for the safari lodge

Prana Cozy Up Tank

This is one of my favorite travel tank tops to wear camping. It’s great to throw on for a hike or over a swimsuit. I also love using it as my pajama top for sleeping in because it’s so soft. So, it serves a lot of purposes if I’m on a camping trip and trying to pack light!

This tank top is great for layering too, and it looks nice with a cardigan or button-up over it. Plus, it’s made with naturally bacteria-resistant hemp. This means it takes a lot of wears before it starts to get smelly!

Paka The Hoodie – Unisex Sweater

This alpaca sweater from Paka is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear for travel, hiking, or just around the house! Heck, I even wore it to all my family Thanksgivings this year, with a nice pair of jeans. While it’s comfortable, the best part about this hoodie is it takes FOREVER before it gets smelly.

I followed the size chart and ordered this in a size XS (despite usually being a size medium in other brands). It fits perfectly! It’s stretchy enough I could wear another shirt under it if I wanted to layer it for extra warmth, too.

Best Travel Outerwear for Women

My SCOTTeVEST jacket I used on the Inca Trail.

SCOTTeVEST Pack Windbreaker Jacket for Women

This travel jacket features over 19 hidden pockets! It’s amazing for traveling, as there is literally a place for everything. Plus, it’s lightweight and water-repellant.

I ordered it originally to be my windbreaker for hiking the Inca Trail (pictured above), and it worked great for that! It kept the wind and rain off, plus, it was easy to pack into my backpack when it got too toasty to wear.

However, now I’ve turned it into one of my favorite jackets for the airport. This is because I can keep all my electronics in my pockets (phone, Kindle, earbuds, you name it), take off my jacket when going through security, and not have to empty my pockets!

It also has dozens of positive reviews on Amazon, so I’m not the only one who thinks it’s a great travel jacket!

Use Code HCWT for 15% off your SCOTTeVEST Order on SCOTTeVEST.com

Lindsey wearing a floral grey Karina dress with a denim jacket standing on green turf at Magnolia Market in Texas

Denim Jacket

My favorite denim jacket is one I bought from Hollister before I got my driver’s license, roughly a million years ago. So, this jacket is one that I’ve had for 20 years, and it gets more comfortable every time I wear it. I’ve used it on more trips than I can remember, as it goes great with dresses, skirts, and pants and never goes out of style.

I really think having a denim jacket that you feel comfortable in is amazing for any capsule travel wardrobe. I would highly recommend buying one secondhand, as it will already be broken in for you! Otherwise, you really can’t beat Levi’s for denim jackets.

Saruni Samburu safari wearing my Scottevest travel vest standing by a jeep

SCOTTeVEST Featherweight Vest for Women

I’ll be honest, I’m not normally a vest person. I prefer jackets. However, I’ve been finding for hiking, walking the dogs, and going on safari, it can be much more comfortable and practical to wear a vest.

I like this lightweight vest by SCOTTeVEST the best for travel. It has more the 16 pockets, which is great if you don’t want to bring a bag with. One of the pockets is also an anti theft RFID pocket. I wrote an entire blog post about the best travel vests for women and men if you want to read more about this one!

Use Code HCWT for 15% off your SCOTTeVEST Order on SCOTTeVEST.com

SCOTTeVEST Rhonda Jacket for Women

This is my favorite travel jacket for city vacations. It looks super cute, plus, it has 20 hidden pockets! I also like that it has an optional hood that can be folded into the collar if you don’t want to use it. This is such a beautiful and classic color too!

Use Code HCWT for 15% off your SCOTTeVEST Order on SCOTTeVEST.com

Best Travel Dresses

For this section, I’m not going to get too in-depth in talking about my favorite travel dresses, as I spent a ton of time already putting together a best travel dresses for women blog post, that features travel dresses that are appropriate for a vareity of adventures and events and all seasons! However, below are my absolute favorites.

Karina Dresses – ALL of Their Dresses

Karina Dresses are hands down my favorite travel dresses. Every single one of them! I have 10 of them now. They are so versatile and comfortable, many of them have pockets, and most impressively, they do NOT wrinkle.

These dresses are so well-made too. The floral dress above that I’m wearing in Moscow, I’ve had for almost 7 years now, and I bring it on every warm weather trip I take. It still looks brands new, and I still feel like a million bucks every time I wear it!

Best Swimwear for Travel

Carve Designs Swimwear

When it comes to high-quality, comfortable swimwear, I really love Carve Designs. This is swimwear that is made for moving in!

These swimsuits hold up incredibly well, plus the bottoms are reversible, which I think is great for travel. I also like dark swimwear like this, as you don’t have to worry about stains. I was able to recently wear this swimming in the volcanic hot springs in Santorini without having to worry about discoloration. And I stayed comfortable all day long!

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Best Swimsuit Coverup for Travel

SCOTTeVEST Dorothy Dress

The SCOTTeVEST Dorothy dress is a great travel dress in general. However, I especially like using it as a swimsuit coverup because I can avoid needing to pack a beach bag. I can pack everything I need in its enormous, zippered pockets! My Kindle, sunscreen, chapstick, phone, and wallet can all fit in this dress. It’s amazing!

Use Code HCWT for 15% off your SCOTTeVEST Order on SCOTTeVEST.com

Best Travel Undergarments for Women

Paka Alpaca Socks

I’m mentioning Alpaca fiber once again! This stuff is seriously amazing for travel clothes, especially in socks. These will help keep my sweaty feet from getting stinky, even after hiking all day. Plus, they breathe well but still keep my feet warm. They are incredible for hiking, or just wearing for daily wear. (These also make great gifts! My mom gets my stepdad a pair of Alpaca socks every year for Christmas, and he absolutely loves them!)

Compression Socks for Women

Compression socks are something that took me entirely too long to figure out that I need when flying or driving long distances. This is because I get horrible ankle swelling if I sit for too long. Not drinking alcohol and caffeine, avoiding salty foods, and wearing these socks have been a godsend! However, these will make your feet horribly stinky! I highly recommend pairing these with footpowder.

Wama Underwear and bralette set

Wama Underwear

I am REALLY picky about my undergarments, especially while traveling. There is nothing worse than sitting in an already uncomfortable airplane seat for hours, and also wearing uncomfortable undies. Wama Underwear is by far the most comfortable underwear that I own. They are SO soft and also very breathable.

Their products are all made from hemp and the brand is committed to producing sustainable products.

The bralette is also very comfortable and soft, but it doesn’t provide a ton of support. If you need more support, I prefer wearing Under Armour Women’s Crossback Mid Impact Sports Bra.

Note: Be sure to size up in their underwear for a comfortable fit. I am a true medium in underwear, but I wear a large in Wama Underwear.

My Favorite Women’s Travel Shoes (for Wide Feet and a Bunion)

For this section, I do want to stress that footwear is something that is incredibly personal. What works for me could very well cause you pain. Be sure to test and wear any shoes you want to bring for travel for at least 3 weeks before your trip.

I highly recommend trying out boots from REI, as they have a great area to test them and a wonderful return policy.

Lastly, I have wide feet and also a bunion. If you have narrow feet, these shoes are not going to work for you!

Lindsey of Have Clothes, Will Travel wearing earth leggings and a pink REI shirt sitting on a rock by a bright blue colored lake in Peru

Oboz Sawtooth X Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots – Women’s

Oboz hiking boots are the most comfortable hiking boots I have ever tried. They fit my feet like a glove, and I can wear them for weeks on end with no issues whatsoever. They are breathable, yet they’re waterproof. They also provide great ankle stability.

Again, hiking boots are very personal. I highly recommend trying them from REI before committing to them. What works for me, could be horribly painful for you.

Lindsey of Have Clothes Will Travel wearing Nike shoes for wide feet, Eddie Bauer hiking pants, a straw fedora and a white button down shirt looking over at the Lost City of Petra in Jordan

Nike Experience Running Shoes

The Nike shoes pictured above are my favorite all-around walking, running, travel, and exercise shoes. They are comfortable to wear for an entire day of traveling and walking on a variety of terrain – from hiking trails to city streets.

I’ve had them for about 7 years now, and they are just finally starting to get too worn out to wear for walking or running long distances. (They’re now my gardening shoes.) I’ve never been more happy with a shoe purchase! I’ve used these as my walking shoes for trips to Jordan, Egypt, Peru, Turkey, Jamaica, Argentina, and more. Plus, they were also my exercise shoes 3-5 times a week!

Now, this exact model of Nike Experience running shoes is no longer being made, but they are almost identical to the Nike Experience Run 11. This is what I just ordered in this year to replace my now worn-out Nikes. They are just as comfortable as my old pair.

Lindsey of Have Clothes Will Travel wearing a yellow floral maxi dress, straw fedora, scarf and white keds in Luxor Egypt

Keds Champion Canvas Lace-Up

You might have noticed that the majority of these pictures feature me wearing this pair of Keds. I really love these shoes for daily wear and traveling. I think they look good with just about everything, and they’re comfortable to wear. I also like that I can throw them in the washing machine when they start to look gross or are getting smelly.

Lindsey and Zac standing in front of the Peruvian Salt mines.

Birkenstocks Arizona Soft Footbed Sandal

At this point, Birkenstocks are a bit of a traveler cliche. However, there’s a reason so many travelers love them. Birkenstocks are undeniably comfortable and last FOREVER. I’ve tried several pairs, but the Arizonas are my favorite.

These do take a while to break in, I wore them around the house with socks for 3 weeks before I used them out in public. But they are now my go-to travel sandals. They provide just enough support, they’re versatile, and I can walk long distances in them with no issues.

Wearing my Vivaia flats + Tentree dress + YSL Loulou before walking to dinner.
Wearing my Vivaia flats + Tentree dress + YSL Loulou before walking to dinner in Denver.

Vivaia Pointed-Toe Water Repellent Ballet Flats (Aria 5°)

I am not a fan of Vivaia’s marketing (they participate in greenwashing, I wrote a really long post about it here), but I have yet to find a pair of flats that work as well as their Aria 5s do for traveling. They are lightweight, comfortable, and they are machine washable. Again, these are shoes that need some serious breaking in before you wear them on any trips, though.

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Best Women’s Travel Accessories

I am starting this section off with my favorite crossbody purses for travel, I have a couple I like that are more casual, and a couple “dressier” ones that are designer.

Amoretu Women's V Neck Loose Summer Swing Shift Pleated Dresses

Floto Firenze Women’s Saddle Bag Crossbody Shoulder Bag

I have had this crossbody bag from Floto for several years now and have beat the living daylights out of it, but it still looks fabulous. It gets a ton of use for a variety of trips! It’s very durable, and comfortable to wear all day exploring. I get so many compliments on this bag too. I actually recently had a work dinner with a woman who ordered the same one before we were even done eating she liked it so well!

Casupo Crossbody Bag

If you’re looking for a bit more room with your travel crossbody bag, I also love this leather crossbody by Casupo. This one is big enough to fit an iPad in! Plus, this bag is handcrafted with sustainable leather from responsible tanneries in order to lessen its environmental impact. Casupo also makes some great RFID wallets that are perfect for travel.

Use code HAVE-CLOTHES-WILL-TRAVEL for 15% off your Casupo order.

Lindsey wearing a tan jacket, black shirt and jeans holding up a $20 bill in front of Andrew Jackson's home
In front of Andrew Jackson’s home.

YSL Lou Camera Bag

Now, if you’re into to designer bags (like me) the YSL Lou Camera Bag is one of my favorites for traveling. It’s a conveniant size, it zips shut, and it’s easy to dress up or down. This a bag I prefer using for areas where I am, of course, less concerned about being mugged. The YSL logo prominently on display is not going to work for all destinations.

Lindsey of Have Clothes, Will Travel wearing a blue and white Chicwish maxi dress in Greece with pink flowers in the background
Using my Bottega Veneta bag in Greece with a Chicwish dress.

Bottega Veneta Small Desiree Cross-Body Bag

If you’re looking to avoid prominently displaying a logo on your designer travel bag, I highly recommend anything by Bottega Veneta. I especially love their Small Desieree Cross-Body Bags for traveling, though. This bag securely snaps shut and would incredibly difficult for a thief to open, and it is very comfortable to wear all day. It’s stunning without being too ostenatious.

Sunglasses, Jewelry, Hats, and More!

A quick overview of more of my favorite accessories for traveling:

Benefits of Investing in Quality Travel Clothes

Investing in quality travel clothes can save you time, money, and stress in the long run. Here are some of the benefits of choosing travel-specific clothing:


Travel clothes are designed to be versatile, meaning you can wear them in a variety of situations and climates. From lightweight dresses to breathable pants, these pieces can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. I wear my “travel clothes” all the time when I’m home too.


Travel clothes are made with comfort in mind. They are often made from soft, stretchy, and breathable fabrics that allow for ease of movement. This is especially important for long-haul flights or hikes. (This also makes them great clothes to wear when working from my home office!)


Travel clothes are built to last. They are made from high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear, as well as frequent washing. This means you won’t have to constantly replace your travel wardrobe. Most of the items I’m featuring in the post I’ve worn and washed for years and years.

Easy Care

Many travel clothes are designed to be low-maintenance and easy to care for. Wrinkle-free fabrics, quick-drying materials, and stain-resistant finishes make these pieces ideal for long trips or backpacking adventures. No dry clean, high-maintenance stuff in here!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Travel Clothes

When choosing travel clothes, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:


Consider the climate of your destination when choosing travel clothes. Lightweight, breathable fabrics are ideal for hot and humid environments, while warm, insulating layers are necessary for colder climates.


Think about the activities you’ll be doing on your trip. Will you be hiking, sightseeing, or lounging on the beach? Choose clothes that are appropriate for your planned activities.


While practicality is important, you still want to look stylish while traveling. Choose clothes that reflect your personal style and can be mixed and matched for different outfits.

Packing Space

Travel clothes should be lightweight and easy to pack. Look for pieces that can be rolled or folded compactly, and avoid bulky items that take up too much space.

Styling Tips for Women’s Travel Clothes

Here are some tips for styling your travel clothes:

Mix and Match

Choose pieces that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits. Stick to a neutral color palette and add pops of color with accessories if you want.

Layer Up

Layering is key when it comes to travel clothes. Bring a lightweight cardigan or jacket that can be worn over multiple outfits.

Dress Up or Down

Choose pieces that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. A pair of travel pants can be worn with sneakers for a casual look, or dressed up with heels for a night out.

Sustainable and Ethical Travel Clothing Options

If you’re looking for sustainable and ethical travel clothing options, there are plenty of brands to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites:


Patagonia is a leader in sustainable and ethical fashion. They use recycled materials and fair labor practices to produce high-quality clothing and accessories.


PrAna is committed to using organic, recycled, and sustainable materials in their clothing. They also partner with Fair Trade USA to ensure fair labor practices.

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Investing in quality travel clothes is an investment in your comfort, style, and peace of mind while on the go. With our top picks and styling tips, you can travel in style and confidence knowing that you’re prepared for any adventure.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your next trip and make sure to pack your favorite travel clothes!

If anyone has any questions about my Best Travel Clothes for Women Guide please feel free to reach out in the comments!

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