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I avoid going to stores at all costs. I much prefer shopping at online stores from the comfort of my couch with a cup of coffee and my laptop. I like to take my time thinking about my purchase and read reviews on items. And I will even let items sit in my cart for days at a time, just to make sure I really want it, and it’s not an impulse buy. I first got into this habit when my friend was telling me she didn’t go into stores anymore. I didn’t think it was possible but she assured me it was. She said the only problem she had was that her internet was so slow that when she went to pay, the transaction wouldn’t go through and it would time out. That was an easy fix though and all she did was look for the best broadband deals for her. I decided to give it a go myself and I have found myself not needing to go to stores.

Internet shopping has well and truly changed the entire world of retail as we know it. However, online shopping does, of course, have its drawbacks. Inputting your card details and other personal information online can expose you to the risk of identity theft and various other cyber attacks such as viruses, malware and spyware. Therefore, to ensure you don’t fall victim to a cyber crime while shopping online, it’s important that, first, you arm yourself with internet security software such as Zonealarm.

Like everyone, I have my favorite online stores. They’re the ones I know where to look to find the good stuff. If I need something for a wedding, my house, a refill on an empty toiletry…I know just which store will have it. And I do most of my shopping at only a handful of online stores. So, for today’s post, I figured it would be fun to share which stores I spend the bulk of my money at…specifically for this past year. And thanks to my husband for getting me to use Mint.com & Quickbooks…I know exactly where I’m spending my money, haha. Enjoy!

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My 10 Top Ten Online Stores (Seriously, They Take All My Money!)

1.) Amazon

Olddnew Women's Retro Vintage Cocktail Dress - Plus Size Long Sleeves, 50's Style Rockabilly Swing Party Dresses For Women

Ok, ok, ok…I know what you’re thinking. Tell me something I don’t know, Lindsey! Everyone spends all their money on Amazon! But seriously…They. Have. Everything. I buy books from Amazon, dresses, kitchen utensils, plants, picture frames, an office chair, towels, sheets, face scrub, memory cards, my camera and camera equipment, makeup, lotion…EVERYTHING. It’s so dangerous, haha. And what everyone seems the most shocked about is you can find REALLY good clothing and shoes, especially shoes, on Amazon…I’ve found some amazing heels, flats, sneakers, boots, workout clothes, petticoats, and dresses. I’m a little behind on it right now because I went crazy getting stuff for our house, but I (eventually) upload all my Amazon purchases to my Amazon recommendation page complete with reviews. If you’re ever interested what I’m spending money on, click here!

Click here to shop Amazon.

2.) ModCloth

ModCloth is still one of my go-to online shopping stores when I’m looking for cute, vintage-inspired clothing. All of my favorite skirts have come from ModCloth, and the bulk of my favorite handbags and shoes are from here as well. (And I can’t forget, my almost worn-to-death yellow cardigan) And now I’m starting to have some fun with their little home decor section – 1st purchase: a T. Rex planter. Haha. (Pssst! Get more dinosaur things ModCloth – I will buy them all! Haha.)

Click here to shop ModCloth.

3.) Target

Target is starting to give Amazon a little competition with my bank account recently! I always loved Target, but I never ordered anything online from them because their shipping was expensive and took forever. But NOW, if you spend over $35 (and let’s face it, I usually spend over $35)… you get free 2-day shipping! I’ve actually gotten my last two purchases by the next day! (I had ordered dishes and a coffee pot…and then more dishes… they’re pictured above. I really like them!)

Click here to shop Target.

4.) Unique Vintage

I’m fortunate enough to be sponsored by Unique Vintage, but I still spend a lot of money on their site! (I love them that much!) I’ve been going a little crazy buying tops and blouses from them lately. Their quality can’t be beaten, and I love an outfit with a vintage flair!

Click here to shop Unique Vintage.

5.) Ulta

I love Ulta so much. Not only do they have all my favorite hair care products and most of my favorite makeups (including my favorite mascara, above…and now they have MAC!!)…they have the best rewards program! I just type in my phone number everytime I buy something, and that gets converted to points which then gets converted to dollars off my future purchases! I seriously have $70 banked right now. I love that I can use it any way I choose too on Ulta’s website.

Click here to shop Ulta.

6.) Sephora

What I can’t get at Ulta, I buy from Sephora. That’s usually various makeup brands, my perfume and facewash…etc. I check out both Sephora and Ulta before making a purchase, as they both seem to run sales pretty frequently. (So, who’s every running the sale that day is the winner!) I do tend to buy more of my products from Ulta (just because they carry slightly different brands + hair care) and Sephora’s reward program is kind of useless for me. Their reward points get transformed into samples, basically…and I am really set in my ways when it comes to cosmetics I’ll use. Therefore, samples go to waste. However, Sephora does carry a handful of brands I can’t get at Ulta. So, they do get their fair share of my bank account too!

Click here to shop Sephora.

7.) Nordstrom

And until recently, neither Ulta nor Sephora carried MAC products…so, I bought all my MAC products from Nordstrom. Granted, I don’t have to do this often, as these products last me a long time. However, they’re pretty pricey (for me, at least)…so, Nordstrom made my top 10! Plus, I’ve been getting better about finding amazing deals during the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale (it starts July 12th!). Just about everything I wore for our Peru trip was from that sale last year – it was awesome!

Click here to shop Nordstrom.

8.) Eddie Bauer

I’ve started a bit of an obsession with Eddie Bauer this last year…especially with their hiking pants. I wear them A LOT. They’re great because they breath so well, and I really dislike wearing shorts in the summer or when I’m traveling. So, their roll-up pants are perfect! I’m going to get them in every color eventually, haha. My husband is obsessed with them too and has quite a few different pairs of pants, shorts and shirts. He actually bought his luggage from them as well. (I think Eddie Bauer made this list more so from his spending than mine, but oh well!)

Click here to shop Eddie Bauer.

9.) DSW

DSW has been my go-to for shoes for over 5 years. They always have such a great selection with everything from sneakers to sandals to heels and flats…I can actually find cute shoes for my wide feet there! My husband always gets his work shoes from DSW as well. We’re both obessed!

Click here to shop DSW.

10.) Etsy

Etsy is another store I buy a ton of random stuff from. Whether it’s gifts, custom-made dresses or bedspreads or brooches…Etsy gets me every time!

Click here to shop Etsy.

Bonus*) Heart of Haute

Ok, this is a new add for me! I recently discovered this online brand (thanks to Sara of In a Nutshell). So, I spent a wee bit of money on their site. However, I haven’t gotten my order yet. (Seriously just placed it before I did this post, haha.) So, I can’t attest to the quality just yet. But oh my goodness gracious! I want their entire site! There are so many cute options for blouses, dresses and skirts!! If you haven’t checked out their site yet, I highly recommend you do so.

Click here to shop Heart of Haute.

Let me know if you do most of your shopping at any of these stores in the comments! I’m curious as to where everyone else does their shopping.

My Top 10 Online Stores (Seriously, They Take All My Money!)

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I appreciate each & every share. Thank you!

22 thoughts on “My Top 10 Online Stores (Seriously, They Take All My Money!)

  1. Courtney Byers

    OMG yes these places really do take all of my $$ too. Amazon makes it too easy, so I am constantly shopping there. Also, Norsdstrom with their return policy make its wayyy to easy.


  2. awayfromtheblue

    Modcloth is such a blogger favourite, although I’m yet to try anything there!

    I was so excited when we got Amazon in Australia but I don’t think it’s nowhere near as good as the US one so I’ve never ordered from there!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend so far! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog


    1. haveclotheswilltravel Post author

      Oh yes, when we lived in Australia, I can definitely say that Amazon is far better/less expensive in the US. You’ll have to try ModCloth sometime! 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week too.


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